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What soccer is that they play at minute 79 of the game?
6 years ago
Hey what's your name pretty girl!
You where the section that represents the section of the quality level of the team's performance.
Can someone translate what happen around the 83rd minute?
I find it how they shake hands (Suarez and Pienaar) in the beginning of the video. I guess Pienaar didn't want Suarez to call him the N word.
How is that possible? Chelsea scored twice after halftime.
I agree with Kryptz, just look at what Suarez did in the world cup. He gets too competitive. And the game should never go that far to where you use racial terms...
I like how it changes languages half way through the video. That is what I call bilingual.
I believe its, "where are the highlights?"
Yeah I was watching the game, and I really didn't see Ronaldo do anything. Real's coach could have stuck me in the game. I could have done the same thing as Ron...
Somewhere on FootyTube
What if I stab you? lol?
Last to get laid!
Back in 2007 he was #1 now he is not even top ten.
3 Things: 1. I have never seen a stadium that empty when Barcelona plays. 0_o 2. The song sounds like transformers reenacting Pirates of the Caribbean. 3. D...
I dont get your point? What do you mean? Pinto wasn't even part of this game.
"Lets give Cesar what belongs to him?" Were you at church when you posted this?
When Van Persie scores his third goal, during the celebration Arteta is giving him a kiss. Damn, too much love there.
Dang they replayed Suarez's first goal so many times that I thought he scored from the same place the same way.
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