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Dilz00 just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
That looked like a def penalty on Ronaldo, got smashed in the back and went down. Unfortunately when you get hit in the back and you are not expecting it, it ca...
That penalty should of been retaken at Caesar came of the line before the kick, good save though but should have been retaken.
Having a ball smashed into the top of your head is pretty dangerous, killed? probably not but concussed definitely if you don't see it coming. RVP was lucky and...
5 years ago
Man i hate to see diving by anyone to get penalties, he was playing for it probably thought he was going to get contact. Should of stayed on his feet as he had ...
If you bet the defender and he steps on your foot stopping you from going past him its a penalty, clear cut
That was disgusting officiating, that first goal the linesman should have flagged it if the clearly sh*t ref didn't see it. The second was harsh too.
6 years ago
Arsenal you lucky little F#$kers, how many times are we going to stuff up and have both Newcastle and Tottenham luckily do the same. come on boys!
Great commentary for swanseas 2nd goal "think it just scrapped the defenders boot" if by scrap you mean huge deflection that sent the ball into the far corner t...
Cech should have been sent off anyway, shouldn't have mattered the advantage was given. Refs go back and book players after the fact all the time.
The commentators are fkn blind super slow mo replay and they cant see the defender step on the back of his heel for the penalty
That defence is shocking, the reffing was terrible to not the reason we lost but didnt bloodly help. How he didnt give a penalty i will never know.
7 years ago
Just noticed the goal line officials, is that a CL thing? as thats what they need in the PL as well
Eboues challenge was so stupid what are you doing? the balls bouncing towards the corner just hold him up dont fkn smash into him.
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