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The one from khedira offside??? what the heck did the crew mix in your brew?
6 years ago
England should easily pass if the game was played without a goalkeeper x))
Game of the goalies I'd say
Don't forget Holtby, he was involved in almost all the goals
Somewhere on FootyTube
He needs to be put into absence to cool his head off. It should teach him a lesson
Both outstanding players who can both be seen as one of the best players ever. Messi's goals have a more magical touch to it, i think. CR is just terribly agile...
Top players have to understand being on the bench is the most normal thing nowadays. If you want to succeed as a club you need 2 full teams who can win anything...
Somewhere on FootyTube
You put it very nicely there tomoya. It has been a wise decision for both club and player to split. Manu needed fresh blood and i believe mancity needs experien...
He is so full of himself. What is going to happen to him when he gets old, wrinkly and he gets way less attention? It is probably going to break him ey? Sort of...
He was up in no time, just couldn`t take his own blood
7 years ago
No it wasn't. Yellow cards for sure but red is different. He comes from the front and Nani stands still. As a player you know you have to move when anyone attac...
Somewhere on FootyTube
It was a hard tackle and it hit him just above his shinpad. Obviously this leaves behind a nice wound and stud-marks. My shin is buckled because of playing foot...
I actually enjoyed watching messi play together with di maria. It just proves you need a good collective to make an outstanding performance individually.
Hes is so unbelievably great. The only mistakes i EVER saw him make was against Holland and Wesley Sneider predict THAT it would happen and HOW it would happen....
Why is it that the performance of liverpool is all green and Fullham orange/red? I think Fullham was the better team for sure. Liverpool needed luck to win this...
Nochmal gas geben ksc
There is nothing the keeper can do else. Either use your head which is suicide, his foot which would've been red in a similar crash, or his knee. It is a terrib...
Feyenoord has spent way to much money in the past. They just have to make sure to maintain their license and position in the first league. I can see other top c...
West Bromwich Albion , way to go!!! Love it when an underdog kicks arses.
To be honest, I believe chelsea is going to make it this year. City, Manu, Arsenal, Spurs, all brilliant to watch and they make a lovely competition but even be...
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