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I Really Don't care if you want to be my friend or not i just don't want to be a rival
8 years ago
You like chelsea and arsenal we can be friends too if it means that much to you
I don't know anyone but i heard that From somewhere and was wondering if that was really true... I love gerrard he is a great player (lampard is amazing too :)
I don't know That's just what i have heard From these liverpool fans but i guess they must be crazy because I love Gerrard!
I Love Gerrard he is amazing i just heard about some people that like liverpool not liking him and it got me confused! But don't get me wrong I think that Gerra...
Ok? I'm mellow too! What did i ever do wrong to you? (to become your rival)
It is odd how few girls seem to be on footytube. Glad to see one more come out of the woodwork. Even if you do support Chelsea :-P
Some one told me that you and this other girl are the only girls on this site! I am a girl too! :)
Hey i see that you and dali say that you 2 are the only girls on this site i thought i was just crazy cuz i couldn't find any girls except for you 2 but i'm a g...
So sad :(
I totally agree! he is an amazing player! however his snobby attitude is horrible!!!
I love footytube!!! I go here for every soccer game highlight and update!
True i wouldn't count arshavin as a striker because he plays mostly midfield but when he is a striker he makes a big difference. but that's just my opinion!
If Chelsea got Ribery then chelsea would be amazing!!! They already have a total all star team and with Ribery it would be crazy!!!
Well i think that beckham is great don't get me wrong but england has so many great players i think that he won't play very much!
Well if it comes down to just england it's rooney but if its premier league then i'd say arshavin or torres!
Who do you think has the worst reputation when it comes to crime and things like that? i.e. like Drogba in my opinion isn't a very good person but a superb soc...
Birbatov is someone to watch too!
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