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I'm here to play Devils Advocate. Hence the name, Devils Avacado. I enjoy playing with the minds of fools that lack any sense of humour.

Too many people take this fickle game so seriously; they forget that it consists of cheating thugs that are petulant millionaires with egos to match. They are supposed to be role-models for the kids and fail miserably.

Regardless, I still enjoy the game :-)
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DevilsAvacado wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
And failed...
What? FARD. You're someone who thinks you're amusing, but actually comes across as condescending and cheap.
You don't think Moyes is under pressure? Yeah, it doesn't look like it. The players are more responsible than the manager for these results. They get paid too m...
No they weren't!
Sorry, is an American trying to give a lesson about morals and attitude? I'll tell you what, stop raping countries that can't defend themselves, integrate with ...
I really like Mourinho, but he seemed more interested about his touchline ban than the actual game itself. Terry and Oscar are my least favorite players in the ...
Sore loser! It was a dive, but Rogers has a lot more to his game than cheating. Quite possibly the best manager in the EPL.
Bless! Well go back to your other sports then. American soccer, I mean football is the most boring sport ever! Least proper football is entertaining and fast pa...
I know what you mean Redbeast. It's all too easy for Barca, the defenders were all over the place. Messi seems to have so much time. I know he's quick and slipp...
In the opinion section above, there should be a segment worse than rubbish just for Osasuna; they were awful! The defenders should have stayed at home! Far too ...
Tis but a dream.
S**t dude, lay off the pork pies and fried chicken. I do agree, English teams need to step up in Europe. They have more than enough quality. Arsenal won't win t...
I don't know how the guy manages to f**k so many teams over. He shouldn't be allowed to play in England!
I don't know how Suarez, Sturridge, Coutinihno, Sterling, Gerrard etc, qualify as "wafer thin". I agree that he is a top manager and has energized Liverpool. Th...
Hey mate, I really enjoyed your response to my comment on the Mesut Ozil video. I was so impressed that you took the time to write a thoughtful response rathe...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Loyalty and football. There's two things that don't go together.
Alright mate, I get the message. You have indeed produced so much, and I for one think Jimi Hendrix is an absolute legend, and I also use you your wonderful cre...
It's hard to work out how Man U can get back to winning form. Alex Ferguson had this knack of getting the best out of his team, even when they weren't playing p...
That's nice to see a Liverpool fan offering some kind words to a fellow rival!
Sell Torres and and Eto, give Ba more playing time and spend 50 million (or there about's) on Falcao. Buy a big strong defensive midfielder and the possibilitie...
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