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Juke/footwork beerz pizza n herbz
Ronaldo and other cocky self centered players like him. landon donovan, the nfl. Polos music at work. rude folk. baseball.
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3 years ago
4 years ago
Cesc has such a retarded lookin face off the pitch. still a badasss though
7 years ago
"That is,(p ause)beautifully balanced, ballet, in football penalty box!" joyous words from mista Jonathan Pierce. Nasri is king right now
I agree that defoe should reallly not be allowed to take those PKs anymore also. Stellar performance though on both sides. Raul Meireles is really becoming a cr...
Definitely wish i would have seen the whole game.
Shaaaaaaaaaaaat up benitez you're a Wankerrrr!its that mans fault that liverpool are in the shitter and now after the loss to the glorious SPURS he will probabl...
Gareth Bale the f****** PHENOM!
I don't know german so does anyone know why that second tie breaking bremen goal wasnt counted?
Killer first five goals
Whhaaaaaaat liverpool won?!?!?!?!haha bout time
That yang champeng is a friggin tower!!
Firecracker of a curler by baines but where was vaan der vaart the whole game seems he was playing a little to far right on the pitch than usual
Well done wolves. well done
Thanks for the add...keep the faith ;)
Torres also does not seem to be playing like a star these days. its as if he's lost all ambition and love for the game but i think its because he's at a struggl...
That music was gay as f**** and ronaldinho has lost his greatness. he was a star but now he's just another really good player. on a scale from 1 to 10 id give t...
I dont know if id like to see rooney at spurs....
Hahaha hey thanks for pointing that out to me and crushing My idealogical dreams of bareing a footy superstar... I do like tottenham alot though. The hate that ...
Yet you lack a womb or indeed most crucially a vagina lol. So that's that dream crushed. Bale was phenomenal though and yes Luka is very much Croatian lol!. I s...
I want to bare gareth bale's children after his performance at milan!!!also i had no idea modric was from croatia till i saw your profile. i love that guy tooo
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