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I know you are making joke, but I hope it will come true!!
Keep the best performance the rest of remaining 10 matches, be the first Champ of Premier League, that will be the best gift for our loyal Captain Steven Gerrar...
Defence worries me! we have power for goals but always mistake at defence (similar to previous Brazil at World Cup)
Yes, it is the case on Ozil (I think?), so when Mata joined Man U, can he help a lot? see Walcott is a good example, not a chance at the World Cup
Anfield : We will never walk alone!! looking forward to seeing Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal to play there soon !!!
Not only overconfidence, defence is also the problem
To loose a match, nothing serious, even we lose 1-2 to AC Milan during year 2007 Champs League; as Liverpool fans, we always want to give fair comment
So sweet Boblic
Poor Skrtel, the king of OG these days !
I did not watch the whole match, from the video provided by FootyTube, it seems it is a "one man show"!!! am I correnct? he is earning GBP120,000 per week? ...
Very exciting match! the similar feeling as the match in 95/96 vs New Castle, so fantastic
Last week even we lose to Arsenal, well, they are the same level team (or a better team?); but last 11 games we keep the consistency, this is the big improvemen...
Yes, not a beautiful dancing celebration .... however, I don't mind if he keeps it on and on! to go for much more!!
What will be the LFC when he (Coutinho) is back ???
Krokodilizm - whatever the result is really fair?? but don't so easy to go 'fxxx', mind your mouth!
The truth is, Chelsea(13) happy to pay big money to get Liverpool player e.g. Torres
This is what the "guy" said last week; no need to argue, just to do what we have to do ..... keep it on!
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