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Proud to be a Barça fan. Real proud.
Great performance by Victor Valdes. People don't tend to notice his good performances a lot, which is a shame. He's not going to make many top 5 lists for 'best...
Spanish people lisp when pronouncing the Z, it sounds nothing like "th". Don't call me a glory hunter, that's too easy.
When will commentators finally learn Cazorla is NOT pronounced as 'Cathorla'.
Zlatan's goal is one for the history books
No it is not. I can have respect for Celtic because of their victory over Barcelona, but you can't force me to praise their tactics. Those tactics can work for ...
All credit to the Celtic players, their coach and especially their fans. It was a great win for them. But honestly, it's getting a bit frustrating so see teams ...
One offside goal, but nice try.
Oh you're really gonna pretend Barcelona is the only team that occasionally gets the refs' decisions their way? Are you really that much of a hypocrite? I'm not...
"Giving this man that much space is like giving Dracula a blood transfusion." How does he come up with these?
Great game by Barcelona and a deserved win despite an absolute world class performance by the Granada goalkeeper. And Xavi's goal for goal of the week.
Dude, people have been saying that ever since he's joined Chelsea. He hasn't been magnificent in a while now.
He wanted the better team to win. Makes perfect sense.
Atlético Madrid should be in the Champions League. And Chelsea, bow your heads in shame, what a farce.
Such terrible defending. And the Osasuna keeper was stopping everything that came his way. We were lucky, no doubt.
These highlights didn't do Belgium's game any justice. And I hope ultra defensive play isn't gonna become the new big thing in English football. -_-
Remember Barcelona lost the Inter game because the ref called a handball in the last minute where there was none and the goal was disallowed? People who complai...
6 years ago
Barcelona has really been underperforming this season. The way it looks now, Madrid deserves the title over Barça. But the road is still long, I hope they will...
I really couldn't watch the rest of the video after Cuenca dived. I will always be a proud supporter of Fc Barcelona, but I don't want to see any diving in our ...
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