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I would feel sorry for the kid, if it wasn't for his twitter update. That ballboy is a complete w**k.
Somewhere on FootyTube
They better fire that ballboy.
DenisT nominated E. Hazard (45') for Goal of the Week
DenisT thought the Chelsea v Southampton match was good
I just don't understand. What is going on with my team? :(
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Turnbull did great!
Either way, Manchester didn't do good enough that game.
Terrible Terrible video quality.
GReat effort by Reading!
Hmm, I came here to get my daily dose of Diving Barca players. Couldn't find any....this time..
Just like Torres. I think it's the managers, but who knows.
Torres was doing great, but I think that now that Di Matteo is gone, it is time to move on. Yes Matteo was a great manager, but we won't achieve anything by boo...
I cried like a little girl.
Amazing performance by Sweden.
RDM's sacking should be completely blamed on Chelsea's defense (not including Cech) and the offense. It just seems that Chelsea's quality is not the same withou...
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