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I really want to see Beckford get his confidence up, because he is clas when on form.
7 years ago
I think the best part about fans of Arsenal and Man U fans telling us to calm down about the league is that they have already eliminated Liverpool from the conv...
Walcott isn't getting better, he just decided he was going to play his game, instead of Arsenal's 29-passes-before-someone-fakes-a-shot-and-passes-it-again rout...
8 years ago
Eboue is know to lose his head, as well...but the commentator was right...the player wasn't going anywhere, no need to do anything but contain...
As a chelsea fan who hasn't acutally seen kakuta, i was surprised and totally happy seeing a young player like him with skill...hopefully he sees more time.
Rafa's rotation policy...
Ok, i'm now officially scared of Barca in the Champion's League...Ibra isn't the poacher that Eto'o was...he sets people up too, and with a competent group arou...
Did anyone see that we can't recall players on season-long loans now? Does FIFA really hate us that much? I hope we win the league and the Champion's League, ju...
I'm really looking forward to South Africa...i know its early, but i think this could be the year if things fall England's way...mainly, getting a decent group ...
Quite a lovely game to watch, wasn't it? Lennon couldn't be stopped, Lamps and Stevie G with a brace...England showed no fear!
Looks like their coming after Man U next...did you see how Le Harve is saying Man U did the same thing to this 16 year old kid Pogba? Is it a witch hunt by FIFA...
Out of all the players they have, if Diarra ends up being their saving grace, i would think that all the money they spent was a waste.
The main problem with the ban is if someone gets injured...then we might have a problem...yeah, we have a big squad...but we've let go alot of people...we sold ...
This is just another example on how much FIFA/UEFA hates Chelsea...Real Madrid is allowed to stretch out Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer over two years, yet Chelse...
I agree...the whole thing stinks, but i don't deny that we probably did it...(Peter Kenyon was shady before he came to Chelsea, Man U fans will attest to that.....
Chelsea will win the appeal, and it will be reduced...but its funny how Chelsea is targeted when Man City, Man U, Real Madrid, and others have done very shady d...
Drogba initially got a 6 match ban with the last two suspended...but after an appeal, it was cut down again to a 1 match ban.
They play like an arsenal that shoots, you mean!
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