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4 years ago
Reading the comments is actually ridiculous. Says all you pros who watch 10mins of highlights and say that Real didn't deserve it, perhaps if you watched the fu...
LOL. You should just stop watching football - youve obviously got no idea what the f*ck you're watching anyway!
@Mt1234 He didn't headbutt the 3rd bloke. The Bilbao player was the one who dropped his forehead down into ronaldo's face where he then pushed forward, hence ...
I was replying to the comments dude? lol dortmund deserved that progress...
Great attitude for a fan of football Shellz. Keep up the positivity!
You have Howard Webb and the 'Premier League" rules to thank for that...
...just a regular player? Really no point in discussing this with you.
^ you're the epitome of the issue there are with fans these days mate. No due respect for the game of football or those who are professionals. Give credit where...
Amen Jereon. They are both the most exceptional footballers that have played the game for many, many decades, and should be regarded as two of the best that ha...
I totally disagree on the part of playing a terrible game. There's a big difference in football between playing badly, and being shut out by another team. Last ...
Great comment dude. It's good to see some healthy rivalry and support around the footballing fan community, it's a rarity! ITenzo, I believe the prime chances...
Im quite certain it'd be almost impossible to accidentally do that without the initial intention being there.....
5 years ago
There aren't words that adequately describe how f*****g perfect that goal was. God damn.
Looked like a good performance from the Madrid boys. I'm not too sure how it's going to pan out in the semis if whenever the ball gets cleared from our defensiv...
Wow scholsey22 - such a little itchbay.
Fans like you are the problem with football fans. Cop the loss, cut the s**t, congratulate the other team instead of whinging.
I dont know how you can even remotely think that Gala dominated Madrid? In both legs I'd say Madrid were far superior and it seemed as though they sat back quit...
If only there was healthy rivalry and respect like this from both sides of the game, it'd be far more enjoyable. People lose sight of the fact we are all fans o...
There's no doubt that Ronaldo is one of the most talented footballers I've ever seen play the game, it's just that Messi takes it to one level higher. Pains me ...
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