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Lol very very long time
8 years ago
Happy birthday youre just a wining celebrating piece of poo
Yo calling my friend rebel your just a piece of hairy poo so lick your poo
He is back!
YOUTH team it says it all a bit of experience and you will not be saying that
He is class give him some time and he will prove it world cup coming up soon then it will be the time for him to make his mark on the world and then maybe a...
Spurs have had a great season also with sunderland nine goals i thought i was dreaming!!! welldone
The handball unlucky it realy is a shame Henry did i mean look how good he was before search youtube and you will find his skill but just like Zidane they a... fast time goes 1 month since i last dropped a comment here lol
Wow we won yay!!!!!!!!!!! i allways had faith in you
Manchester united are the reason football is called the beautiful game.
Lol thank you:) that is soo kind
Hi there there is a reason i`m ur top friend so: happy birthday 2 u happy birthday 2 u happy birthday dear Adela happy birthday 2 u:).....yeeeaaah>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...
Arsenal and tottenham are are cool and they have good players i like there style but Manchester United are O 4 awesome
Anyway...i see u became fan of arsenal & spurs how about newcastle?
Yeah its still early... we`re on top eventhought we`ve been drawing the last 2 games we`ll be just fine but i have 2 admit championship is boring lol:)
Lolol nice one haha i am gutted now because we are now 2nd :( oh well it still early days how is New Castle going??
What a game Arsenal is sooo good haha
Damn now chelsea are at the top of the table ohwell good win liverpool unlucky the goals were real scrappy thoe
Hahaha Sneijder is great:)
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