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11 months ago
Holy crap! Two amazing things with this game: 1. Barca player getting a red card. 2. How long the commentator can talk for without stopping.
1 year ago
Hey Alex, thanks for the accept ,theres 2 greens in the bank 4U,seeing as I'm the first to leave you a message "welcome to footytube!" hope to cya around the fo...
2 years ago
Not a bad start guys, not bad at all. 1-1, away, first game... can't grumble too much! Typical James Brown - smooth with the moves.
Great game by Spain, as ever. The two standout moments for me: Darren Fletcher taking a hard tackle to the ankle and immediately standing up and hobbling aroun...
Ominous signs for the rest of Europe. Germany are rampant at the moment.
Gotta admit, I would have to put Solskjaer in my team. He did his job better than anyone else. By no means the greatest player, but imagine the fear he instill...
First Half = Amazing. Second Half = Disgusting. Score: 2-2. Queue the diving, fouling and general bad sportmanship. Seriously guys, how can you not get angr...
Arsenal are the perfect example of a team lacking confidence. A rival team is trying to lure their captain away (with many insults directed at the club), other ...
Watched this game from start to finish. Imo; The scoreline doesn't reflect the true nature of the match. United were utterly dominant - especially in the second...
I hope Inter can sort itself out this season. It will be a shame if they start losing players due to bad performances. Good game though. Nice goal by Sneijder.
Hmmm... not overly impressed. The goals didn't exact scream confidence. But still, a goal is a goal and a win is a win. Can't grumble too much. Carroll's tackl...
I watched this game... but... Barcelona's style really annoyed me. I hate to seem like a troll, but kicking a football around the halfway line for 45 minutes ...
Wow. Great pre-season for United, dont think the fans could ask for much more than that! (Apart from Wesley Sneijder).
Holycrap there were a lot of chances! Sometimes you cant beat the lower leagues for excitement!
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Now you know: If you dont want to play somewhere for 5 years, dont sign the contract. Tool.
IMO: Its disrespectful for anyone other than the concerned party's (Cesc, Barcelona Coach/Chairmen, Arsenal Coach/Chairman) to say anything about transfers. It...
They still shouldn't have lost 3-0 to a Championship side.
Holly be-jebus. That commentator doesn't shut up!
Wow. Seattle need to learn to man-mark.
Andy Murray @ 1:55.
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