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I want Madrid for the semis, if we finish our chances we can get it done. We play Cordoba and Real Sociedad between those games while Madrid play Sevilla and Va...
1 week ago
I see him going to PSG before Liverpool. Wouldn't mind seeing him at Barca even if Luis Enrique pulled off a couple of cups tbh
2 weeks ago
Suarez is a better finisher but the play you're talking about was much harder for Pedro to score on
Pique and Mathieu were both great apart from a few missed passes obviously including Pique's that caused the second goal
3 weeks ago
Neymaaaaarrr! Where was that finish vs City and Madrid?
1 month ago
He is fine after undergoing the tests.
I agree on him bringing a defender in earlier, we def needed Mathieu last year. However, overpaying 6m and getting the right defender is better than having paye...
Where are the Zubi haters now? Mathieu. Suarez. Bravo. Rakitic. Stegen. All great signings while being under a bad negotiation situation of not being able to si...
Arsenal first half. If they don't look like they're coming back, Atleti second half. I usually have 2 screens going but can only really focus on one of the game...
Good call
Insane. Thanks for the gifs, needed those.
If Messi hadn't hit the post so many times the first half of the season and Ronaldo hadn't scored so many penalties, D10S would be way ahead. I think Messi will...
This is what he posted (my translation): "Do you guys really believe what they say (Marca)? I'm a little tired of listening to these sheep spreading lies... I l...
Nope, just calling it how I see it
Alves posted on his instagram to stop listening to rumors made up by Marca cause they're not true. He posted a pic of the cover of Marca when they were claiming...
I think he's been flopping since mourinho got to chelsea as well. Sad to see from such a talented player...
Decided not to sleep cause I knew there was no way I would b able to get up that early :)
Ouch! lmaooo
2 months ago
I think Pedro should start over Suarez cuz if he gets a yellow he won't be able to play the final. We can always bring him on if we need him afterwards. Messi a...
I said 40m cause he is worth more than that to Liverpool. I love Rafinha but I think he plays much better on the right. I think Coutinho has been awesome the la...
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