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Worrying we concede 2 from such a complete garbage team.
1 week ago
Almost missed it. Why are we playing on friday evening the second time in a row?
There is no lack of effort. There's never been minus perhaps 2 or 3 matches out of exhaustion. There's a lack of concept and quality.
3 weeks ago
So I'll stand by what I said at the end of last year and haven't got anything to add to it either. Klopp needs to leave.
Our consistency and pure "skill" at messing up potentially simple and very promising counter attacks is absolutely stunning.
1 month ago
45%-rate of successful passes in the first half by the way.
He's been nothing but awful since the world cup. Can't even remember a game where you could praise him for his defensive efforts. Just awful. Yet it is apparent...
I think Großkreutz should be given another 45 minutes to try playing a pass that reaches its target.
Bender is a great player but his body is unfortunately obviously not made for professional sports. That's a position where we need to act if you ask me.
If Messi says so.
I didn't think someone could "top" Auba. Football players in the 2010's make 80's and 90's mullet vikings look like classy gentlemen. Anyway.
2 months ago
Apparently. Also Ji left. I don't know anything about this player so that's that. But I do remember someone suggesting we should sign him a while ago. So that's...
A team that formerly won the Bundesliga twice and finished second with ease twice the past four years doesn't just find itself on a relegation spot the fifth se...
Build a statue of Klopp in front of the stadium or the center of Dortmund and then let him leave. I'm sorry but that's what needs to happen.
Another striker. Can't say I wasn't expecting this. I don't want to sound like an opportunist so I won't comment this.
Nope. This is scripted. There is no way that this s**t isn't written by someone before the start of the season.
7 points and 10 spots would be more than enough.
Squirrels are terrible people. Don't listen to their lies.
Don't be so melodramatic.
3 months ago
18 is the highest number so it's the best.
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