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Basically we had about 90% posession for 60 minutes of the game and Wolfsberg didn't really do anything but defend and we didn't put too much into it either esp...
2 days ago
Well that was a mixed bag. Long road ahead still.
Langerak on his way to Stuttgart. Looks like Weidenfeller will stay.
1 month ago
Looks good.
If you want to know more about him watch the under-20s world cup.
Reus wouldn't have left for nothing he would have left for about 25m because that was what his buy-out clause said. He won't leave. Hummels probably won't eithe...
3 months ago
Yeah, that's what I meant. I could've done without the drama. Not without the win. Dummy.
I didn't need that.
45m for Hummels sounds really really good tbh.
All of them, don't buy him.
4 months ago
I'd mention how we're only 5 points from an EL spot now but considering todays performance and who we're playing next I'm fairly certain those were the last few...
Wasn't defending him. He should be sold in the summer. Couple of other players should leave as well. All I'm saying is someone else should, too.
Who isn't? But that's totally the players fault, seriously. They're lazy and don't actually want to win. Like there aren't any underlying reasons or something. ...
Disillusioning. That just should have been the only word on this page between last years and this years summer.
How to improve modern football: If at any point in a game a team has all its 11 players in its on half, everyone gets a red card. Thanks.
And another 90 minutes I could've spent on picking my nose or anything else at all instead of watching this.
Count the number of times Weidenfeller punches the ball right into the area with the highest amount of players from the opposition when saving a shot.
Worrying we concede 2 from such a complete garbage team.
5 months ago
Almost missed it. Why are we playing on friday evening the second time in a row?
There is no lack of effort. There's never been minus perhaps 2 or 3 matches out of exhaustion. There's a lack of concept and quality.
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