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4 years ago
I wonder why we signed him..he has no clue about what to do when it comes to defending..
Man United are having a tough time right now , but after this month, United will have a fit again carrick,RVP,Rooney..That's something any team would worry abou...
5 years ago
Lol , what's up with chelsea players and masks..first it was cech,then ba ,now torres.. ROFL
Guys,chelsea face united in the fa cup replay on monday,which might be chelsea's only chance of a silverware this year other than the europa league.. Even SAF...
That rule is only applicable to round of 16..
Giggs and scholes are just delightful..wish both were 10 years younger.stopping CR7 would be a huge thing..he's jsut unstoppable..the thing is united and madrid...
@Acphenom,dude areu serious? nani was ever so wasteful yesterday..he seems to play for himself rather than for the team.there were a number of certain goals,ha...
Ivanovich's foul's clear red card..last man , clipping other player's leg..ivanovich was on the wrong side of young and can't blame him..any defender would hav...
Japan's a quality opposition..they've come a long way from being a meager asian side into a footballing powerhouse..
Lol..i was gonna say the same's worst performance....ROFLMAO..
I cant see brazil winning the wcup in any near future.those good old days ,when brazil used to be scintillating..this team ain't got the character of the '94 or...
Barca's 3rd goal was just amazing..what a delightful pass to xavi..u guys are really awesome..
It ain't gonna be'd be either silva or reus or gotze or ozil..
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He's one of the underrated players in the premier league..sign him SAF...
Wtf is hodgson doing?downing shouldn't even make the list of 22..he might do well against minnows..but against stronger opposition he's gonna fade won...
And wat about the second? belgian player dived better than suarez or young ever did and the ref played it along...OMG..refereeing is so awful these days..
When am i gonna see my country(india) ever play like this... :(
Somewhere on FootyTube
Who let this dog out?..who who??
Dude man united have had their own problems, much greater than chelsea or arsenal ever had..lost vidic,who is one of the best defenders in the world and backbon...
Accept it or not real is a worthy opponent to barcelona..
6 years ago
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