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DeathSoup gave the Ghana v United States video a rating of 5
4 years ago
DeathSoup nominated R. Lukaku (34') for Goal of the Week
DeathSoup nominated S. Eto'o (5') for Goal of the Week
"no swags" you are my favorite troll Imaginsolo
Awwwwww a nice footy tube moment :,)
Oh and here are a few statistics you must have missed while finding the world cup stat. -Only player of any position to score a minimum of 10 goals in 10 conse...
What's your beef with Lampard? He's one of the most consistent scorers in premier league history, and you don't achieve that by making "stupid random shots". I'...
I really don't think he's the kind of dude that would be selfish enough to sabotage the club he's been loyal to for nearly 3 decades. Quite the theory you've go...
You never comment on chelsea wall do u
I agree with ItsBergkamp. Not only does he have a really strong passion for football, but it has been his dream to play for Chelsea for a loooong time. He worke...
Watching. He's mesmerizing with the runs he makes in the box.
Mikel has really made an impact in some important games this season, and while I share your frustration with his non existent scoring record with Chelsea his de...
5 years ago
Thanks man that's really flattering, but Europa is a step down from the Champions league and we were the first Champions league winners to get knocked out the n...
Now its 148 for Basel as awesome and 147 for Chelsea as lucky. SMH
You are so butthurt I can smell it from space.
Seriously dude, how can you criticize him after such a great goal at a crucial time. Complete defender.
Dortmund is a great team to watch. I used to catch Bayern games fairly often since my old house mate was a fan and last year I caught a Dortmund game and said t...
I smell a blitzkrieg heading for spain next week...
Awesome match. That would have been spectacular for both sides spectators and neutrals alike to see go into extra time. Another great match ruined by poor refe...
It was Carricks pass that made the Hernandez goal so great. Hazard's goal was a solo effort and just on the edge of the penalty area.
Are you kidding me? we've lost 2 out of the last 7 games. Remember last season being 3-1 away to Napoli and coming back from that? or managing to tie up Barcelo...
Lampard has had a much greater impact this season than Mikel, Ramires, and anyone else that has played that holding midfield role. He's also managed to do so wh...
Should have kept AVB. Should have kept RDM. And lets not mention Rafa cus well know what will happen then..
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