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Thuram: "..come here boy... this is not World Cup 2010, now go back and put your training shirt on!" Malouda: "yeah...but its also not 1998..! catch the net ...
7 years ago
#15: ...a bit of a thigh cramp you got there... lemme just straighten that out for ya huh mate... #5: I think I may have one too.., me next...
A sheep in wolves clothing... Spain Players: All in favor of Nike boots..? (together) iiiiiiiiiiii. All in favor of Adidas boots..? (together) Neeeeeeeeeey...
Thiery: Look at us man... we're like women., We like to match our boots to our suits... David: Nothin' wrong with that 'mate.
Villa: woooah.. wooooaaah... take it easy there big guy, I just asked if "...they lie" Pique: oh yeah... real funny smart guy., just keep it up huh buddy...
I'll just use my flying ability to get past these two... land back on my two feet and be a hop and skip away from an easy goal...
Ensuing is a conversation by Pep and Mou drinking out of their title Cups respectively holding the huge Cups with both hands... fiction of course... enjoy. Pep...
Aww... dude., I just saw the new kits... your right man, wak! I was waiting for them to take the league and hopefully buy the new jersey IF it was good... but I...
Barcelona... Do your fans a solid and win next season too. (Regular Show!)
This means... I'll have to buy the red and blue BarCa official ARMOR! Been saying it the whole season... "...Wait til they take la liga!" Great Season. Congrat...
Mou and crew will be having tea with that guy later...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Can you believe he gets paid millions to do this... Ha. ...notecards
...I'm a BarCa fan, but that right there's hilarious... lol
Ahahahahahahah... (deep breath) ahahahahahahahaha (huge weeze and gasp) ahahahahaha... lol... ...Barfelona.
Oh.... lol. daaaaaang it.. this is hella funny mayne.
For sure!
I have a lot of respect for ManU... They might pull the rug from under our feet... Thats the beauty of the underdog card... (though ManU is no Underdog). Best o...
LOL! Just don't fall into a sleep induced coma and dream that you've lifted the CL cup prematurely! bwuahahahahahaha.... Its time to wake up... BarCa's here......
This troll IS a ManU fan!!! For sure!! he's using the worst kind of reverse psychology ever. Its sort of of a reverse jinks hex in hopes that what is stated wi...
C'mon lets not be too brute about the cards... his was a fair tackle and got the ball first. Its just that he knew that if he let Messi get to the ball with no...
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