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Why are players who are over 21 years old nominated for Young player of the year? In real life you're still young but in foobtall terms not that much. I'm refer...
5 hours ago
On Sunday one of these average players will somehow make the line up so whoever it is we rallying behind you. #daretoyoung #daretocleverley #daretofellaini
16 hours ago
This is probably the biggest pile of crap you'll read this week lol http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2604218/Steven-Gerrard-best-Premier-League...
4 days ago
Lol the type of liverpool fan you find it hard to dislike.
1 week ago
Turn Rooney into a midfielder and now he forgot how to shoot *facepalm*
Well chelsea will fly the flag for the premier league again.
Rooney world class but not in the bracket of Messi and Ronaldo. The world best step up in these big games not refuse a simple pass to a team and scuff a shot.
300K for two crucial mistakes
This is the most defensive shift Kagawa has contributed in his United career. I still can't believe he has to track the beast that is Robben.
Our midfield combo of carrick and fletcher is poor. If we had energetic midfielders who knew how to pass the ball and move it forward we'd have more control of ...
Carrick unsuprisingly will look average against a top team again.
Good thing about this line up there's no fellaini. All he does is elbows players and gives the ball away. He fails to track opponents like he did when Schweinst...
That's their problem all they do is pass to him when he plays. Bale is on the pitch but nobody is passing to him.
I still remember the arsenal fans laughing at Van Persie this season when they were on top of the table. Now they're in danger out qualifying for the top 4. I w...
45-90 minutes half of those games we were a goal down and moyes brings him on to magically create something out of nothing.
Look at the opponents he played against I wouldn't get carried away.
The United website says Mata has 4 goals, I thought he had 3. When did he score his first goal?
In the great words of evilkagawa screw-a-you.
Mata on celebrating his free-kick with De Gea: "David told me before the game that I would score. That's why I ran to him."
Moyes favours young ahead of one of them.
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