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5 years ago
DavidDeGood just became a Rival of Chelsea
@SmallCar: Rubbish Russian billionaire wasting his rubbish money on a rubbish team. And emmmm , talk about Ivanovic's goal.
6 years ago
Then you must be a great fortune teller , since you know so much already
Talk about 12th man . From a Madrid fan. wow Higuain vs Valencia Away- Clear handball + straight red S.Ramos Vs Vayecano Away- A delibrate elbow on and oppone...
Proud Scholesy just showed RM and Barca players , that football is not a ladies game. Anyone noticed the elbow on scholes ? Got up like a real man
@Puya , What a life-changing story
@Puya , What does this has to do with Barcelona-owned competition
@Boopwhocares , year in , year out . no competition for Barca . They've got Platini , KUPERS and UEFA
You know as good football fan i 8-2 say this but QPR ? Nxt week you watch and leran , as i dismantle them
Or tell that to Coventry , when you get relegated nxt season
That was such an inspiring story bro
Hes got the robotic movement
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