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Wah everyone is talking crap already? It's carling cup, chill. Didn't United lose to West Ham by 4 last year? And still won the title in the end and made it to ...
6 years ago
Paraguay reached the final with no wins.. its prolly the first time in history of Football.
Loving this!
@madummer living in the US!
Facts? The level of soccer in SA is not like how it was before. They are only bringing good individuals to the game Comparing to the European teams that control...
Soooo how good is Messi now?
@Millzallah chill out!! your the one whos being cocky coz ur a Barca fan. Nobody hates on Barca so chill!!
I would bet on Holland, Germany, spain, Portugal, France, and England not lol that they will beat every team by 4 at least especially Germany and Holland ;)
I was being sarcastic guys, get it?
Any team in Europe would easily beat everyone in this tournament.
People must stop talking about Messi and his performance. Don't forget that in Barcelona you get to play about 600 games a year and you train everyday with the ...
I agree. @sam, don't forget that in Barcelona you get to play about 600 games a year and you train everyday with the team, but with the national team you dont ...
The formation is sadly killing the team. and the starting defenders aren't that good to start the team's plays. The ball must start from the Defenders and it mo...
Spurs are the most confusing team in this planet. I mean how would you lose so many "easy" points and win the hard ones. #Verydisappointing!
3rd final in 4 years. too easy!
He doesn't even deserve to get paid this much and even making it as pro. honestly.
Why is arsenal's defense so hurting?
7 years ago
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