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PSG Vs. Monaco
Honestly what's just stupid is you not making effort to get what he meant even though its obvious... Of course Messi is far beyond Mata, but dont also compare ...
5 years ago
What a weird feeling... :S after wishing every game that QPR win since Redknapp is the gaffer.. They needed to win against us! Duh! oh well, fair play, well don...
I know that guys like you 'AKeegs19' on those forums love tackling people when they leave coms, but it's obvious he's not that stupid to speak about the score, ...
I must admit.. Man U got a scary team! they have the freshness & speed of a team like Arsenal & the pace like Chelsea! But right now they are completely the str...
6 years ago
So it's done... the season is over for you?... Don't u think your short judgement is a bit quick? And you support Lyon... U should no better than the other to b...
By your quick judgement I can tell you know a lot about football! lol
LJcoolL is right if u want an effective defense. But its just a pre-season game against a "respectful asian team" anyway. However during the seasons, Di Maria i...
I really really wanna see Paris succed this year not only because I was born & raise in Paris but for the sake of french football (I wish the same for OM & Lyon...
I'm supporting Chelsea since im little! But I'm 200% with you man! On Every single line! All the names u've said are true legends! Ronaldo is a legend in activ...
Lol... "average" U must be a trumendous player! lol
U don't know what Chelsea fans want mate!!! Im 100% Drogba fan!! And I was just upset they've bought him!! Because that was pointless as we were really in need ...
7 years ago
I'm starting to feel ashamed & embarrased for Torres....
Good point!!!!
Lol This is not what Dunnoeabc has said! lol U understood only what you wanted to understand mate!
4-The buy of Torres in the mercato,no matter the amount is just a Huge mistake for the stability of the team! He's a good player with such a low level of confid...
1- So GLAD to see the good result for this team!!! LOVE DEM!!! 2- we need to respect Drogba all the way long! Because no matter if u like Drogba or not, he is ...
"very poor game from Inter"??? Did u really watch the game my friend!?? Its not because u dont see many goals from them they've played rubbish... They were comp...
I guess... After all those years... Lyon is a malediction for Real Madrid! No matter what happened Lyon will be stronger psychologically against Real! Don't u t...
Lol on the top right of your screen buddy! btw i dont speak russian either!
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