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Weegeez you must look at the results this year in Europe,Sevilla was knocked out by Braga in the Champions League qualifications ,Villareal who i love was absol...
6 years ago
Wow what a game that was, but i got to admit i was expecting much more from Manutd.I don't like both teams but i have to say Barca played their best game of the...
Congratulations Barca,i don't like you nut i respect your players.not all just Xavi and Puyol because they are the real deal,they are trying their best
7 years ago
Barcelona can laugh and celebrate this year because overall they were the most consistent team in La Liga and they shot their main rivals down earlier than anyo...
Go blackpool you can do it,stay in the league you're the most entertaining club with Wolves and Tottenham,i would rather watch you than Birmingham defensive we ...
When Ronaldo gets angry this happens he walks over you again and again,not by himself but entire team was so frustrated in the last couple of days, someone had ...
Great match,like always one team misses lots of good chances and it came haunting them back when the other team scored from two chances
When they are together and fit Robben and Ribery can destroy you in so many ways and when you've got a striker in form and your defense is rubbish you expect th...
Ben Foster is a brilliant goalkeeper, too bad he plays for Birmingham City
Good win for them after a few terrible results
Atletico Madrid at home and they didn't score instead they lost 3 nil,where is Spanish League heading,Valencia,Villareal and Sevilla droping too and being repla...
This was a better game on so much levels than the first one but the referee was total Barca's lap dog, there were three non offside chances Real Madrid had, a ...
Anyone but manutd to win the title , it can be chelsea or mancity whatever, now we win after we lost to Bolton.Sell Fabregas he's slowing us down and sell Deni...
Best image from the match, Sandro scores and goes to Harry to celebrate,and Harry all red says to him don't ever do that again or you're out of the team, you he...
Suarez rules, what a buy
This isn't Mourinho's fault, the players were mentally beat after the game with Barcelona and i didn't expect Real Madrid high and fly against Zaragoza but i di...
I watched the game and i couldn't believe what i saw, i don't know who am i gonna rout for if Barca goes to the final. This game was ridiculous and so was the r...
Mourinho 1 Barcelona 0
Again we lead and in the end lost the points, how much more can we drop, common this is getting ridiculous, when a team plays against us they have faith they ...
It wasn't a spectacular derby but it had it's moments, it was more of a chess game with players just trying to position them self as the manager told them.Mour...
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