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4 years ago
Darin just Watched
Mexico Vs. Italy
Darin just Watched
Peru Vs. Ecuador
Viva El Vino Tinto !
6 years ago
Yeah Duece ! Show em how us Yanks can get it done !
Venezuela where incredible this entire tournament. They deserve so much credit. Vive El Vino Tinto !
Love it , Can't get enough of it !
7 years ago
True that. Arabe Unido were complete Rubish! The ref had to bring the stretcher out 6 different times to get players off the field just to continue play. And as...
Why does CONCACAF have to play this Gay music to the highlights ? Silence is so much better.
I Chose the Netherlands to win it all. So far so good. Robben is the Man !
Agreed, he truly is a phenominal player. I can't believe Real Madrid let him go. He is in his prime ! He has so much skill along touch lines also.
Just saw Ronaldos goal as i left for work this morning. It seemed to me that everything was going right for Portugal, as if the Gods of football were smiling do...
And What people really don't know about Obama is that he is a huge Footy Fan ! He was born in Africa after all.
Clever mastercard plug :) Does this mean that you will be supporting the US MNT in the world Cup since Croatia did not qualify ? Do you have any ties to the U.S...
Great play from my Home Boy Findley with the great chip to Donovan. Findley's Club in Salt Lake dominated Kansas City yesterday 4-1. And i was there. It's such ...
I really don't like Chelsea, But man they kicked Ass today ! And all season long for that matter.
8 years ago
Honestly, Man City or Tottenham would have been great additions to the CL, and even though Tevez is mi amigo fiel de argentina, i'm very pleased with the result...
Right there with ya ! 35 days left. As far as the first round i really hope England and the USA advance out of group C And i belive they have the best chance. A...
Can't wait for the World Cup!! What are your predictions for the first 4?
Well If you follow the MLS at all you know that Donavan and Beckham have put all those bad feelings behind them. True footy fans here in the U.S. know and under...
Amazing ! Simply unbeatable form ! Well Done Tottenham !
What a Shame ! Ireland deserve so much more. Way to lose the worlds respect Henry !
Complete Rubish ! Shame on you Egypt. Idiots.
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