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@Pty10 you have the highest wage bill in the world. Have a look at your own team before you lecture me on English spending. 8 times an English side has made it...
Now buy some decent defenders!
Rooney > Messi
He will do well in Spain because the defending is poor there. But when it comes to big champions league games against the top English and German teams he will s...
Just idiots
They play some nice football too which is always good to watch
Very poor. its like we have gone backwards. rooney out of form and hasnt been playing for his club side and gets straight in. where is lambert. hodgson is an id...
The right team won. so happy for whelan for what he has achieved, and should be a model for other football clubs. what an inspiration
You gota love Luiz his energy and desire to win is infectious
The tie was long gone before he took off xavi and iniesta. maybe it was to give them experience
I know they didnt, but thats the excuse they will use. barca fans are never gracious in defeat. and chelsea scored 2 and it was still anti football apparently
I would love to see the squad brendan rodgers would build if he had the 100 mil to spend that kenny dalglish wasted. maybe next year liverpool will be challengi...
But Barca had more possession!! Bayern played anti football!!! barca should win because they had more possession no?! cry cry cry!!
5 years ago
Madrid have an awful defense
Keyword: almost
Do you forget that chelsea won it last year so quickly? was it that horrible when we beat you that you blocked it out of your mind ITenzo? In the last 8 finals...
Always good to see cheats lose
I hope I got that right
For City to win: United need to take 5 points (or less) from their last 5 games, and if City win all of their remaining 6 games, its possible for city to do it...
Yeah I see what your saying, I didn't consider that. Lose Messi and you have to play in a style you're not used to. Another problem is finding a good player wi...
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