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Neville carrager and henry in that order. Bout time we had relevant commentators
1 hour ago
They work harder than bbc our midfield lost its balance without modric and james . I honestly would drop benz or bale and play four best mids
2 hours ago
Wouldnt sell pedrito if i were yall
8 hours ago
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1 day ago
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Ronaldo thinks he is 23 still and takes anything he wants except kicks from the rifht hand side where bale is deadly
Well played villareal. Honestly we should have smoked them and buried our chances. I do suspect squad rotation and Ronaldo contributing to our problems.
Theres a thousand yellows in this game
So many good games on today. Arsenal vs Everton was poor but we have chelsea tottenham and sevilla atleti and real villareal
Hell yes I played and still occasionally play AoEII: the Conquerors :D I think it's safe to say I've literally spent more time playing that game (also: Medieva...
2 days ago
You guys played age of empires?
Abosolutely bonkers. The cream rises to the top, but sometimes turds float.
3 days ago
Tharius, i am used to puta being used very differently. Puta madre is an expression of bad luck frustration anger and amazement
4 days ago
I dont have cable, I literally watch EVERYTHING online
Tharius, is spanish your first or second language? Where did you learn spanish? What style/country?
Messi has wrecked every team he played since January pretty much. Chances missed against malaga thogh
Puta madre hijo de puta puto puta they dont directly translate but all are curse words
Puto doesn't mean whore it is used in many different ways which are pretty much all derogatory
Franky I agree with your initial points.
5 days ago
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Thats cause we are three levels down. waiting for the kick...
Just wanted to share my thoughts on Barcelona's win against City. I only saw the first half last night but I noticed some things. 1.Barca gave the bal...
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