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Is halilovic sale enabling nolito transfer? Mistake IMO, halilovic has so much potential. And i really hope james is just in for an improved contract. I think...
3 years ago
Mahamud, I have to copy paste because as previously stated i dont know the koran. I do appreciate that you have been completely rational and succint in aptly ...
Christianity has almost no sway on what the US is and did do in iraq and afghanistan. The us gov effectively used citizen outrage at the 911 attacks, that usa p...
I have been trying to be objective about the passages and what you say jihad means and 'fight' mistranslation. However several of the violent passages imply fig...
Sanchez: what is the verse and context? i think theres a good chance the religion contradicts itself Is not the purpose and goal of the religion to establish a...
Many of the passages call for struggle this way dan you are right; however there is a call to violence that is open ended and isnt left to any interpretation th...
Id just like to point out that we should look to the text of islam and identify the verses specifically calling for actions of murder and violence for anyone wh...
Literally spot on
Does physics get thrown out the window too? All situations matter. From fatigue and injuries to form. Just because its a derby doesnt mean those things dont app...
Some days in 2007 nani>ronaldo
C61: i think i speak for a majority when i say that we truly notice and appreciate your presence on footytube
Yes we do; many of them are injured. Im not even sure we have fielded our best 11 in a single game this season?
Substitute james for varane at the back
Ronaldo is essentially doing a Beckham. He has transitioned from being simply a footballer to trying to build a complete franchise. This may be good for his l...
Injuries have destroyed us
Bottom table or lower league yes. Out of england, no
Lol thought it was mourinho. I see what you did there. Moyes had a 28% win percentage with RCD.... deserves to be sacked
Im happy with this lineup
Forgive us sanchez; its highly unlikely that karim blackmailed his own countryman and teammate for a a weeks wages. the problem is that goal.com and the affil...
Injuries Injuries Injuries. This season I am amazed that we havent dropped so many points because of injuries. Rafa is doing a good job with the resources he ha...
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