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Question--- Who do you prefer to win Everton or Man City? (No draws allowed) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1 week ago
Edit: O i see it sucks hope some helps you, out.
It a sercetly super secret tactic by Mourhevil, he brainswashed Cesc to believe it's January now, so when Champions League last sixteen come, he becomes Cescsto...
I smell english media on those four. But maybe some of that media moddabulshit becomes true. Would be cool to see those players in the EPL though.
Karma? o,o
You stink for being a disrespectful fan... (sorry about these kind of fans) Mod Edit: I have just removed one word from your post! DTaDiablo
2 weeks ago
I thought footytube was a free country D:
^ oh so we can mock everyone who played in the FA cup last two seasons? or the teams that played in the community shield? Move on mate, last season is history.
@Bazinga If I would be a Chelsea fan I would not be mocking Arsenal fans after 2 bad games and a bad preseason and the scandals.......You see everyone can play...
Huh? In both of them? o,o Wait did you expect Wenger to chase Mour for the handshake?
4 weeks ago
It would be so dope to have Reus though, a dream *_*
1 month ago
Don't jinx it!!!!!!!!
3 months ago
@Liquidator Why not? o,o
You're not boring, you're pragmatic. Which sucks since it takes all the fun out of watching the beautiful game. Still good job today, you're clearly the best te...
4 months ago
Is it me, or at the 20-5 first minutes of the second time we lacked urgency?
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