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@Octopus Dear friend, "most of people who doesn't praise him". I don't even know how to explain this. But in short I am taking about that minority, and not ab...
2 days ago
>.> seriously noone hates him, simply most of the people who don't praise him all the time are REALIST. Edit: It's sad to hear about his injury, but again we ...
KEEP talking, you know the one who laughs at the end is the winner :)
5 days ago
Just bought an way puma kit :) SO happy, I cannont even explain it in words.
Why :( What did we ever do to you :( *cries in the corner*
2 weeks ago
......and them having the most expensive squad helped too :P
Kocielny, I thought he was playing or did Chambers clone himself? lol
Ohhhhhhhhh Santiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Cazooooooooooooooooooorlaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just wish that he was picked up to europe earlier, like at 22 atleast, I believe that way he would've been one the greats of the game.
12 hours to go :)
I don't see that happening, well unless Barca board is more stupid than I imagined.
3 weeks ago
Thoughts after the games: Chambers: looks bright, but untill he gets a run of 4-8 games in pl i cannot really put high expectations/trust on him. Campbell: He...
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