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What has happened to the forums?
4 weeks ago
Failure concentrating, reactive reflexes screaming, sabotaging, overtaking and gytonating. Creating a sense of final ambiguity; doubts are mutilating the emergi...
3 months ago
Lol it's from some latin show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vfad6hlIIJ8
6 months ago
I would prefer Jenkinson becoming a CB any day of the week before Chambers fills in the role. That being said, neither of them 2 seem to have what it takes to b...
A.) You're continuing with the themes that are not related to football, your post proves it. (As half of the jokes on any forum on this site). B.) This site wa...
Actually I prefer him staying underrated, because then Barcas will not come knocking on our door for him.
#Perezizdaproblem #LeaveDGalone
7 months ago
Coquelin this season: 90.5% completed passes in PL and CL. Buscquets this season: 88.8% Shneiderlin: this season 91.5% Shweinsteiger this season 85.9%
I think in his prime Gomez was a better finisher.
Imao, Klopp with cash to spend, that's going to be interesting.
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