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5 years ago
And how long have you been a city fan?, lol you are pathetic. so a 10% goal eff deserves a win does it?? you are sad my friend. maybe Bayern should go practise ...
Star on the chelsea kit 12/13, how good
"Chelsea got a ton of luck against Napoli, Benfica, Barcelona and Bayern" do you realise how stupid that statement is. stop crying. all i have to say in 08/09 s...
I just find it interesting that for about 90% of the games that teams like chelsea, man utd, man city etc lose in league matches they always are the ones that w...
Lakuka wont play match league, they will use for UCL group, league cup and FA cup possibly, no one will go
6 years ago
Chelsea = drogba AND torres, yall can move over thanks, :P
Miss fergie always acting like a bitch, what a tosser
The funny thing is man united were so confident, yall cant deny it, shattered dreams again... FIFA 12, yea boy
Good luck beating us, Chelsea have Barca mastered,
7 years ago
Seriously all i can say is i feel for you arsenal fans, Chelsea Fans remember a couple of seasons back, Chelsea were robbed of a Final (against a side who was e...
Oh Man, my job is already done, Im a smoke a big fat blunt and watch the highlights again, LOL...
Its 11 you retard, Ah Ha ha Classic man united fan
Ah Ha beat em again, might start having a bet on this fixture from now on, Good game to watch, Great. Yea i know fergie is pissed but look at the shot/corner co...
2nd leg will be hard for arsenal, good luck. Never seen messi like that,
Fantastic to have such a great premier league season, thanks for leaving tha best too last boys, lets hope we can do the double.
Aussie aussie aussie
To say FA cheats man u is tha stupidest thing i have ever heard, chelsea has won every match against tha "top 4" and has been at tha top for most of tha season,...
8 years ago
Were gonna win tha league!
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