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Falcao is the man of the hour, both crazy goal just look amazing
6 years ago
2 crazy goal by Cisse, Man City gonna watch out
I do. A very BIG mistake to let Vucinic go. I miss the day when Spalletti coaching the team.
Llorente and Falcao, which one is better ?? We can find out on final !
Well Play ROMA
Meireles .... What a FXXKING Goal. In fact, Benfica play very to as well, especially they only got 10 players ... impressive!
The refree just ruin the game.
One thing that Chelsa should do ... Cahill as the striker
Wah ... many crazy goals in this match ... Good to see Del Piero score, and just imagine if Vucinic is still in AS Roma, Roma will pleace at a higher level.
Milito is BACK !!!!
Once again Chris Foy destory a beautiful game ...
Actually, he looked sleepy most of the match ...
EPL is the best league in the world ??? I doubt it, Napoli is only 7th in Serie A and the Top Team in EPL can't beat Napoli even once ....
A 3 pts is a 3 pts... What a shame the stupid assistant just screw up, Osvaldo Gaol was 100% ON-SIDE
I like Miro Klsoe but what he did in the game just make me speechless. I know ROMA didn't play well today but red card + penalty ... totally nonsense
Well play by Sweden, but I thought Ibra was gonna be the savior ...
I was wonder what Gasperini feel after this match ....
How about Mascherano's tackle?
7 years ago
I have to say, I never been so HUNGER to see Manu beat Barc at Wembley ... I have never seen a team claim they play the most beautiful football and yet alwa...
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