Dali VIVA NIGERIA!! or any African Team!!! ha
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Naija Naija Naija! I want us to be the underdogs this year!!! But man, we're going up against Argentina first... i don't know about that one. :/
6 years ago
All good i am, tomoz big day, have got a world cup tournament challenge here in aus, playing for company called axa, team have been put in is CHILE...... big bi...
That I am. that I am.
Yeah! I've been good! How about you?!
Hey sista where u been, aint heard from ya in ages. whats happenin
I don't know how i'm going to handle tomorrow...I don't think I'll be able to watch either of the games...I'm TOO NERVOUS!!! lol! Let's hope we pull through!
Are you a staff?
GLORY GLORY! I think we might get another trophy this year boys!!! WOOP!
This was so amazingly fantastic, I am elated. GLORY GLORY
Ayy how u been. busy im assuming. hahaha. goodluck wit it all. take care
I'm in the same boat. I have a lot of class work. I'm taking upper division classes this semester, so its kicking my ass! haha
7 years ago
Hey! Thank you for asking about me! I'm in University and I've been absolutely swamped with work. This new semester isn't looking very well either. Haha. I kind...
Are you still around here? You've been missing for some time it seems...
Hey Dali hi how you doing? hey I wanted to buy some good midfielders. Can you suggest me!
My original name was DaliSalvadorAde. :P Nice eh?
Some one told me that you and this other girl are the only girls on this site! I am a girl too! :)
I don't know if someone else has answered that question for you, but you become a featured fan through the amount of comments you make on the team boards or the...
Hey Dali, how do I get on the featured fans section at the home page of the website? Also how did you get such perfect black skin? :P
Nah man, that was a total off-side.
I strongly agree. LOL
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