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4 years ago
DaddyFatSacks nominated M. ter Stegen (16') for Goal of the Week
5 years ago
I don't know if I agree that Pipita is a top 5 striker today, let alone since 2010. That being said I do agree he is better than Benzema by leaps and bounds. Fo...
DaddyFatSacks nominated G. Higuaín (36') for Goal of the Week
DaddyFatSacks nominated L. Modrić (54') for Goal of the Week
A cleat to the knee is not a high foot, or dangerous play. This happens quite often. I will admit it could be a yellow card in some circumstances. But Nani's le...
Man U is the best team in Europe they said...
Welbeck's goal in the first leg at Madrid was earned on a wrongfully awarded corner. The ball came off Kagawa last. The own goal by Sergio Ramos in the second l...
Akiye8 just went full reatard.
Ramos lives and breathes Real Madrid. He loves the club more than himself, which is something to say for a Madrid player. He loves his club over everyting and h...
Why is Ramos a rubbish captain? Real Madrid awards the captains band to whomever has been with the club the longest anyway...
About time? Barca have won only one in six meetings with Madrid this season, have been knocked out of the copa del rey, by madrid, and all signs point to their ...
Barcelona has won one of six meetings this season. And That win was in the super cup. You are wrong, good day sir. Not to mention they are losing 2-0 after the ...
I question whether they were sloppy in possessing during the second half, or whether they allowed Madrid possession and sat back on defense. As a Madridista, I ...
I see what you did there...
Why save with your hands when you can save with your feet? haha. I want DDG to replace Casillas. This is probably not what you want to hear but take it endearin...
Ramos may have overreacted but RVP clearly looked back at ramos as he lifted his hand towards Ramos' face. As far as the Varane-Evra situation... well... good g...
I hate to agree with you.
If he goes anywhere it will be Spain or a top tier English club.
And Arsenal needed RVP.
But you're implying Barca wasn't doing the same to Madrid, which was certainly the case. I also noticed quite a bit of simulation by Barca, particularly from Al...
RM plays Valencia once again in three days. To run up the score is to ask for trouble. I know that sounds silly because the score was 5-0 at the half but if you...
This team will be better when Fergie retires and Cris and Mou head to Manchester.
Hahahaha I was thinking the same thing.
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