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After one poor game Bento has no tactical sense? Well he definitely has better sense than Queiroz ever did.
5 years ago
Umm that certainly was Tevez' goal, so...
Yep, you're definitely experiencing some strong symptoms of butthurt.
Sound just a tad butthurt, my friend.
No you're wrong. We all know the angle of the camera is not the reference point and the grass lines are. When the ball was passed parts of his upper body were...
Haha absolutely untrue. He has playable parts of his body (head) in an offsides position. It's not even deniable. I'm not saying it was not a tight decision ...
Except Casillas is widely regarded as a top quality keeper, better than Valdes without question.
It will be easy? Ridiculous statement. They can do it but it will not be easy.
I think you're missing the most important detail: it was offsides.
Ummmm, i see what you're saying, but what does the opposition have to do with that freekick.
Portugal had 2 shots on target... http://soccernet.espn.go.com/gamecast?id=345929&cc=5901
Three times in a row? Maybe you are confused, this would be the second in a row. Anyways they beat Portugal in penalties, could have easily gone the other way...
Ha ok, apparently you forgot about the Italy-England game.
Are you retarded? Even if Varela did not score against Denmark, holding all other results equal, Portugal would still have advanced due to equal points with De...
Yes, Spain's game was SO entertaining! I can only think of a couple of things I'd rather do than watch Spain play, like watch grass grow or paint dry.
One of the best matches of the tournament? I hope you're specifically talking about Italian matches.
It may have been fun to watch for a Spanish fan because Spain never looked in trouble, but believe me, for the neutral this game was a snore fest. Not blaming ...
Clear penalty. not that it mattered. He blocked the ball with an extended hand, and prevented it from going into a dangerous area no less.
True, he has been a stable force in the midfield with great balls in to the box. Moutinho, Coentrao, Pepe, and Bruno Alves have also been at the top of their g...
Haha Xavi you must be the most butthurt person ever
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