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Wow what a header
20 hours ago
Yeah buddy its a real shame.... We had great matches... On ps4 it feels a little slower but you will notice all those bugs are gone.. The only weird thing in ps...
21 hours ago
Ahhh,I'll be sticking with the PC,shame we can't play this year,I really enjoyed our matches in Fifa 14. I also liked the demo,looks really smooth and the game ...
1 day ago
Lets hope im wrong lol
Yeah buddy i plan on buying but i also plan on getting a PS4.... will take a little time and some money saving but i dont see myself staying with PC... played...
Tomorrow is gonna be a tough game and knowing how we play against Deportivo away from home, I don't expect us to win tomorrow... :/
Meh... does it even mean anything? Alonso just renewed his contract and then.......
2 days ago
Hey bro,long time no hear. Did you by chance get to check out the Fifa 15 demo? Looks much much better than the crappy 14 was. Do you plan on buying it this yea...
3 days ago
I was right in 2012 and im sure ill be right again this season... Wont be surprised to see city get knocked out in the group stage
So if dortmund is bayerns only competition it means they cant buy players from them? Lol Like tanmay said... Its not about grtting the players but about how th...
4 days ago
@kinglucas They bought 1 and if that bothers you so such maybe you should give Southampton half their team back...
Has anyone found any nice video of our champions league campaign and La Decima? please share if you have...
Alonso and Di Maria are gone... we have work to do in order to "rebuild" the squad but i think the first and most important step is to accept that they are both...
5 days ago
Angel's first goal for united :')
6 days ago
And that ladies and gentlemen is how you ruin a champions league winning team
1 week ago
Oh its not a compliment... Im just gettin u guys cinfident so it can be more painful when we beat you :p
Bilbao are a good enough team.... And they barely got a chance... Surely as the seasons goes by others will notice flaws and errors in your team but barcelona a...
Gotta admit... Barcelona are looking Insane... team is playing so much better without xavi... they have been solid defensively, they are putting some serious p...
I think we could have kept di maria...he was asking for 6M the club was willing to give him 5M... perhaps without the addition of James we would have been able ...
2 weeks ago
Hate it when we sign an outstanding number of superstars and try and put them on the same team.... its like a ticking time bomb which will eventually implode bu...
DaGaza gave the Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid video a rating of 5
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