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So that makes someone less of a hypocrite? @realfan... you do realize no one is hating on Suarez right? its the hypocrisy that entertains .... and its not the...
1 day ago
Funny is that its not just this one :p
“How can I clearly see what’s wrong with someone else, and then look at myself as though I’m standing in front of a fogged mirror?
” - Jarod Kintz ...
Why do I get the feeling that there will be misunderstanding between the players in attack
Hmm... I could be more disappointed but im happy that germany taught us a lesson on how football should be played.... Yes, brazil were the ones who needed a le...
4 days ago
Nah its ok.... Dont take international football too seriously... I know i dont because i felt absolutely no pressure before a brazil match.... Unlike a regular ...
Thats what i meant.. To shut the critics... The critics being the media who made a fiasco when mou was in charge
6 days ago
Goodbye Di Stefano..... Thank you for everything you did for madrid and thank you for turning it into the club it is today.... RIP
Well its the same thing im saying... kiko wont come to madrid to be the reserve keeper and the only way he is gonna be our first keeper is if both lopez and ike...
It shard to understand this whole thing but i actually think madrid wanna sign kiko to be a reserve keeper.... i dont see any reason for us to sell or loan both...
With dante as replacement i dont think he will be demolished... i think germany's sqaud itself will turn out to be too much for brazil to handle i also dont se...
Actually.... i feel it will be an european final
Damn people calm down.... i do like neymar... i liked him before most even knew he existed.... didnt want him to go to barca cause i knew how good he was... w...
1 week ago
@jereon je hebt een landgenoot vandaag ..... kom op België!! :D :D
@realfan and Jereon.... indeed, if they do they will only punish him because it was neymar who got injured lol... i understand you support Brazil but i think ...
Its football, s**t happens
My god silva... how could u have been so stupid?!
You guys think they the club gonna make a 2014 DVD or something?
My bad... totally misread it... ur right... the colombians are the only ones to advance in a convincing manner.... surprisingly, the big teams in this world cup...
Really? Colombia has been better than belgium and the USA.... they been much better than argentina too
DaGaza gave the Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid video a rating of 5
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