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Ahmadfakhri (Zombie Kg Pisang)
I love hunting, fishing and football. When I watch football I like to watch Tottenham, Palermo and Crystal Palace. But when I play for my team Northland I try to play like Dele Al ...
Bryonkaka (Bryon Anthony Ewards) from Linstead, Jamaica
Well i'm just your normal fun loving guy,that loves girls,football,games,school and animes.
Chelo (Marcelo Valente) from Elsene, Belgium
All you need to know is that I bleed white motherf*ckers! ________________________________________ De las glorias deportivas que campean por España va el Madrid con su ban ...
CR7RM4L (Roger Deodat)
Dany10 (Daniel Casal Del Castillo) Canada
Madridista since i was born in 1987. Lover of any good soccer game. Very hard worker and student with lots of ambitions. Nothing bests the naked body of a beautiful girl!!!
Dom1878 (Domenico) from Beau-Bassin, Mauritius
I'm from Mauritius and in my country their are two main events each year: Man Utd vs. Liverpool & Vice Versa. It's like our super ball. I went to see a game at OT when i was 10 ...
EdTheFan (Ed)
Hi, I'm Ed and I believe that you, yes YOU, are a cool guy :D Thank you all my friends for making my day. And thanks to all who have spammed me with cool votes :). I really do ...
Xaxi + Iniesta + Fabregas = Bermuda triangle
I am a die hard fan of Chelsea Fc i love them with all my heart and soul, since i was 8 and my love for them has never stopped and never will.
Footycray (Mohammed Beig) from San Francisco, USA
Kick4Life - changing lives through football