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So sad to see ZZ go. The first coach and about 20 years to leave the club on his own terms, in the highest note and so deserving too. Tactically he wasn't perf...
3 weeks ago
Whats up, guys! anyone excited/anxious for this final? Y'all ready?
4 weeks ago
Our biggest problem defensively is tactically.... it's been the main issue for as long as i can remember. For once i'd love to see us prioritize on our defend...
1 month ago
Neither do half of the Madrid fanbase.. but basically the Madrid fans from spain want DeGea because he's spanish.. it's as simple as that, really. Less to do ...
We know the feeling of losing these type of matches despite being the better team on the night. We made some good last ditch blocks and Navas made some crucial ...
Who the f**k cares bro, we in the finaaaaaallll!!!!!! :D :D :D
I don't think we try to stamp our attacking style..under Carlo, yes but not under ZZ...... we certainly didn't do that today and many times we let teams contr...
Tough game away from home as expected... Lucky Bayern were missing some key players but f**k em.. we've had to play without key players various times in CL, thi...
Lol you don't even need articles or pundits to know it was a penalty.. you just need your eyes and common sense... Only SOME disappointed juve fans (understand...
2 months ago
I actually have no doubt about that
Lol... i love "rigging" clear fouls
Stop crying... pretty hypocritical when you weren't any good vs spurs either. -_-
What Karma? we were terrible today but we won the tie fairly... if u dnt think thats a foul anywhere on the pitch, you need to watch another sport, bro. Madrid...
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