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I know how u feel man... just cant get over this performance
6 hours ago
Ronaldo has 6 in semis with madrid.. and I believe thats also a record.. but he has 9 in total now... 3 for man united 2 vs bayern 2012 1 vs bvb 2013 2 vs bay...
8 hours ago
Actually he already was the best scorer in CL semi finals wth 8 goals... today he added to his record and now has 9
9 hours ago
I cant find a proper word for this performance.... this has to be the most inconsistent team in the world.. honestly, how difficult could it be to keep up perfo...
10 hours ago
Chiellini foul on Ronaldo.... Juventus know about something called a tactical foul... something we apparently don't know about
Absolutely disgusting performance... just disgusting
Juventus have woken up and are looking for a third goal... meanwhile we haven't even arrive in this second half on we only got 20 more minutes go get a draw
11 hours ago
So... when is bale gonna come off the bench?
Typical idiocy from our side
Feel like Modric's presence on the field is really missing today
Apart from the ball to James isco has been terrible.... always holding on to the ball for far too long.. dont understand why
Gutted we are not ahead :/
Its the second time in a row in two matches where Varane refuses to just kick the ball away for safety and nearly costs us a goal...
Aauugghh.. come on james.. u gotta score that
^ Lmao! Dedication is everything my boy
14 hours ago
Dont know how to feel about this match today.. last time a spanish team went to italy as favorites expecting to advance, barca got whooped 3-1 in the san siro....
16 hours ago
Lol Wow!
@ malik :v :v you deserve a +1
17 hours ago
Damn..... I just remembered Varane is literally one day older than me! Varane career with Madrid so far... https://40.media.tumblr.com/1250b70590c08ea94594e59...
Haha some of you really took longer than i expected to get it... Barca fan base need to take it easy on all the hate tho.... you guys are getting a reputation.....
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