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"Only Costa was a bigger c**t at Atletico" truth is.. Costa was a c**t who was actually talented and could play.. Garcia on the other hand is a c**t. ...
5 days ago
Garcia is a c**t and he's turning Aduriz into one just like him
1 week ago
The biggest advantage Bayern and Juve have is that they can rest their entire squad before both home and away legs and won't suffer any consequences of doing so...
Whats that? the Champions League draw is no longer rigged? Perez ran out of money? Madrid no longer has influence in UEFA? hmmmm I love these quarter finals. E...
Http://giphy.com/gifs/drpepper-football-l3vRntlEltTBbMxnq/fullscreen Du wirst unsere arsch schmecken!!!!!!!!
^ damn, when there's too much accuracy in a comment. https://cdn.meme.am/cache/instances/folder663/500x/56575663.jpg
2 weeks ago
Blackstyle88 so what u saying is he meant "I did kick him from behind when he was in the box 1v1 with the keeper, but its wasn't a foul".. gotcha ;) https:/...
It is weird but i want bayern more than juve as well... teams that ste themselves up like juve give us a really hard time. and i dont really get the hype.. i ...
Influence smh... alright man https://media.giphy.com/media/l0MYKO0EWhuiZQ2RO/giphy.gif
Mascherano admitted on video that he clearly fouled Di Maria on the 1v1 with Ter Stegen. lmao! It gets worse and worse http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/...
Petition to ban PSG from the Champions League for a decade? Might throw Arsenal in there too
Malik no one said we knock you out of CL regularly.... dont see where ur getting that from. We said if we want to see it done we might have to do it ourselves...
Both.. the comeback was great and the chocking was crazy lol Barca were always gonna come out and throw everything.. psg knew this.. with a 4-0 lead and a tea...
Well.. we have only played each other once in the CL since then, havent we.................................
Putting everything else aside.. the fight from the team was amazing... its one of this "i was there" type of feeling. congrats on making history
I've already said that... their conspiracy and referee arguments is over for the next decade lmao... i dont wanna see pique tweet for another year
"with your defense I think we're fine!" marcelo---ramos---pepe---carvajal its the same defense as the last time bro lmao anyways im just messin with you guys
Greatest comeback in the history of the game. no doubt... tho the penalties were............ hmmmm lesson taught to Bayern and Madrid. If we want this s**t do...
Just make sure you have a better defense this time ;)
We're not f*****g Arsenal.. i dont wanna admire fighting spirit.. i want them to stop f*****g up and win the league. it's 2015 all over again and another season...
3 weeks ago
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