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I absolutely love how Iceland managers or players can say whatever they want about others on live television for the world to see. Players they have never met, ...
1 week ago
@blackstyle you gotta know how to at least spell the name before u try and get cute, buddy.
"Pique don't really do something among real fans , it's usually his antics later on or during celebration which leaves madridstas panties in the bunch." so in ...
^ lol I guess people who act like assholes are normally patient among other assholes
Ronaldo, Bale and Modric to be top 3 players of the tournament.. u heard it here first ;D
Https://www.facebook.com/Cristiano/videos/10154347310737164/ LOL!
2 weeks ago
Lol it was a joke.. didnt require a documentary
3 weeks ago
In 1997 the difference in CL titles between Barcelona and Real Madrid was 5. After that Barcelona built dream teams, brought up youth products and dominated the...
Nope... the most shocking is still Gabi, who no matter how many fantastic seasons he has somehow still doesn't get called up by Del Bosque for whatever reason w...
I doubt Zidane chose who would take the first penalty. in moments like these u want your players to step up on their own... the players know whether or not he i...
Isn't it nice seeing Pique put the rivalry aside and congratulating us? What a legend! Pevjl can u please do us the honor https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CjqA1Lw...
^^ and we'd still have more than Barca and Bayern ;D
Ill give it to Navas not only for how amazing he was but how he was the only player to do it all season. Most of our players were poor under Benitez and even wh...
We had a poor game today after the first half's 30th minute... Atleti were certainly the better side on the night. But you know what? Im now glad we won the way...
2 CL in 3 seasons? :)
Campeones hala madrid y nada mas!
Some Interesting stuff La Liga teams have won all 6 out of 6 European titles since 2014 ____________________________________________________ Spanish teams ha...
1 month ago
Congrats to Sevilla for winning the Euro Cup of Espanha ... now lets see whether Atleti or Real win the Spanish European League. LMAO
Congrats on winning the league... It was well deserved and congrats to El Pistolero on his pichichi. He is possibly the best signing FCB have made since Ronald...
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