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Just saw the highlights... Ill admit.. If messi starts scoring with his right the same way he scores with his left then everyone's in trouble
14 minutes ago
Pevjl u know what to do with this pic buddy
33 minutes ago
No time for losers cause are the champions........OF THE WOOOLRRRLLDD!..... Literally
1 hour ago
agree with you there.. I would actually put him in there over neuer... Then again i need to stop.. Its startin to sound as if i hate neuer..
A real south american team plays that way.. If they cant beat you with the quality of their football then they will make it extremely hard for you to play ur qu...
2 hours ago
As a barca fan once said.. Ronaldo will always be remembered as the one of the best players who cheated his way to the top lol
6 hours ago
Carlo is a genius... Not a god who works miracles... Even if the teams does improve with reus... Other talented players are gonna have to be benched or kicked o...
2 days ago
For his sake and for the sake of the other young talents ww have in our team... It would be best if we didnt sign reus
They grow up so fast... :') You went from getting trashed by me in FIFA to putting up a decent little fight against me in FIFA to a mod :') Congrats buddy! M...
Messi isn't even the best in his country no more LOL :p :p :p
3 days ago
Wasn't there something about a mod for the madrid forum that was suppose to happen a while back? Why dont we have one yet? Im anxiously waiting on Tharius or Pe...
Congrats to angel for winning best argentinian player of the year.. He really deserved it... Great season from him taking both madrid and argentina to the top
Yeah... He is young.. Jese is 21 lol
Would have looked unimaginable pf that had gone in... Lol
My god you gotta love carvajal.... The guy is so hardworking in defence and in attack... He seems to never get tired... Always running and pushing himself.... W...
Dont think any madridista can be a ronaldo hater lol
Right now we're without our Obi Wan And our little luka skywalker...he needs to make a return ASAP!
4 days ago
If he wins the balon d or this hear there is no way he will slow down... He is gonns want that fourth
To be fair he has been "cleaner" since the stomp on messi's hand,.. Also since mou left pepe has been so much calmer... For a while now i been saying that ramos...
6 days ago
@tharius Im sure 40m would see degea outta united lol
DaGaza gave the Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid video a rating of 5
6 months ago
9 months ago
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