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It's my biggest issue with Zizou's Madrid. Allowing opposition to keep the ball and dictate the game at the bernabeu. We generally do a good job of withstandin...
I thought Barca's mosaic for the clasico should have been green and white for Chapecoense.... or at least a section of it in green and white. Would have meant...
You see.... Real Madrid have a s**t BAG... This BAG aint no ordinary BAG. No, this BAG has the special ability to make you play like s**t when you're in possess...
2 days ago
Yeah!!! The reason we dropped a 2 goal lead at home today was because we didn't have enough chance creating players in attack, right? lol
RAMOS! absolutely disgusted with Benzema. Horrific form lately and doing nothing but getting in the way of the team. Mariano came on and in 7 minutes helped th...
6 days ago
0-3 UP! YOUR! f*****g! ASS! Ronaldo is now joint top scorer with Messi and Suarez. Never forget tho.. "his career is over" ;) What an away performance to th...
2 weeks ago
So i guess the most solid line up we can put tomorrow is ---CR-------Benz-----Bale ---Isco--Modric--kova-- Celo--Varane--Nacho/Ramos--Carv -----------navas...
3 weeks ago
3 freaking years! something needs to change.. whether its the medical team or how they "take care" of our players... it needs to change. Notice how our player...
To be fair, no one in the BBC has had a good start to the season. All three of them look poor and have very little chemistry among one another right now
1 month ago
^ well, he isn't playing good.......
Awesome when u realize all the goals we scored today were scored by Castilla players!
Lol,you won't give it up,will you? :P Ahh why not,who do I give my number to?
Bro! u reaady to come back to the whatsapp group? :D
Call me crazy but I truly and honestly believe Casemiro should have been in the shortlist of the Balon D'or.
Neuer nominated... again but no Bravo... no DeGea... No Navas.... No Oblak
"he was asking for offside when morata scores" L M A O u trying way too hard brethren
Well.. he is reaching his prime.. so he is only gonna improve... its important that we give him more minutes when he deserves it. and that we dont start benzema...
"Because he won basically everything but the CL. Several times over. And he made several players a ton better." Things that were guaranteed whether or not Guar...
2 months ago
Lets not exaggerate... it was 2 saves.. Pulisic and Guerrero.. both were basic saves shot directly at him.
Beyond horrible defending in the start of this season.. crazy poor Danilo lets pulisic run towards the INSIDE of him.... and then he falls down by himself, ope...
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