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^ which means he will eventually be sacked whether he wins with madrid or not....
9 hours ago
Perez? every last one of them need to go "I am a supporter of Real Madrid, and not of any one manager or player" lol imagine how f****d we would be if our bo...
1 day ago
WE? lol deep down inside i've always loved chelsea.....
Http://pixartimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Toy-Story-2-Al.jpg be afraid Madridistas... be very afraid :v
Between isco and james in attack mid? James edges it for me.. I think most madridistas would agree but we all love disco
Knew this game would be hot... wtf pipita?!?!?!
Gonna watch the Napoli vs Lazio match... should be a big big game.. last game of the season in Italy and Napoli needs to win to qualify for the Champions League...
Sigh... dont even get me started man.. right now im really fed up with this club
Yep, Hierro is also about to step down
@malik.. he never really did reach his full potential in barca... @guidas Still think he hasn't reached his full potential with arsenal... if he had some mor...
2 days ago
Im sure 80k or 90k for sterling isn't that bad given he is talented and young.... he is a little unproven but he's not a player i wouldn't like seeing as an op...
3 days ago
As a madridista i'd give away every fancy goal we've scored for the past 3 seasons for one more hopeful, ugly, dirty, nasty, sweaty ass goal vs Juve to take us...
Hey guys... been out for a couple of days so this might be a little long.... first: "Benítez is 99% certain to take charge of Real Madrid." - Carlos' Agent ...
5 days ago
Good first half... Excellent second half
1 week ago
Passing of the torch? lets hope what we all witnessed yesterday is the beginning of something historic... http://tinyurl.com/mokpy3f
I was laughing at handsupskirt's comment on illara.. ur comment wasnt there when I first posted the laugh... dnt know how u ended up on top of my comment
^ hahahaha :v
Honestly though... if klopp is in the market then why the f**k is benitez even an option!?!
Honestly, perez is the only idiot who cant see that this man needs to be here next season... https://twitter.com/Cristiano/status/602220530016645122/photo/1
HA! as its not gonna attract much attention you can be sure of 3 games at most
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