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Waiting on Omedking and dawich to go online so we can play our games
7 hours ago
Adambabyj 3-8 shortyphilly
Alright guys..
1 day ago
Accoding to el dia despues he didnt grab his balls to the ref https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gmiVrU_IS6s asked if he liked being cheered by barca supporters.....
"did his trademark getting hit by the wind dive?" difference is we're not asking for punishment for Pique ;) ... see the difference there? tell me something....
2 days ago
Kicking mascherano? lol thats a kick? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-P7ZSCgFBwc lol would be more likely to see Mascherano get a 4 month ban for that world ...
Thank you Sami He always did give his best... he was also part of the "revival" of Real Madrid from the very first day. One of the first players Mou brought on...
^ Or when messi hit the opponent's supporters or when busquets called marcelo a monkey... lets try to be a little less biased...
@malik Earlier this season to fcb fans, if madrid got a penalty it meant that LFP were being bribed by perez in an attempt to stop barcelona from winning the ...
Lol i think u only have 5 defenders
3 days ago
--------------Neuer--------------- Carvajal---Pique----Pepe----Marcelo --kroos---Modric---Rakitic---- Robben-----Messi-----Ronaldo Subs = Isco, Neymar, Ra...
So... this is one of the "Madrid fans" who was outside kicking the players cars after the classico http://tinyurl.com/o3s9coz
Lol isn't real madrid already the biggest club in the history of football? Its just good old Zizou checkin up on Bayern's tactics in case we face off with the...
Sociedade have beaten barca at home in every encounter since what? 2009? Does that make them better than barcelona? And its a longer period of "dominance" than...
I didn't really say anything against u guys defending iker.. I just said that lately when someone says something in criticism of him or bale its labelled as sca...
Honestly.. as good as atleti are, we only losing to them so regularly because carlo is too stubborn to adapt towards his opponents... instead he keeps the same ...
Lol so ur logic is that diving when a defender is closer to u is ok but diving when a defender is further from u is not? Lol excellent... words to live by. Onl...
^ there is no difference..... if there is one its that Ronaldo received no contact and got himself a card and suarez received no contact and got pepe a card... ...
4 days ago
Ramos was at fault for both goals but in no way is he a better rb than cb... I hate how now we are no longer allowed to criticize iker for something.. everytim...
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