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"LOL seems like someone comes here quite often" thats the embarrassing part.. you can go to any other forum on this site and you will find an FCB fan moaning ...
Its not about the gift bags.. i know ur just messing around.. and this post wasn't really personal bro.. but FCB fans all over are always moaning.. about every...
Jesus, you people cry over literally everything... doesn't matter who, when or where.. ur always gonna find a barca fan moaning about it.. whether a ref gets a...
Ramos was garbage all game
For once i'd just like it if we comfortably won the f*****g game... missing penalties, missing tapins.. always gotta do it the hard way ffs..... they cant just ...
The more i see the second team play in different formations, the more angry i get when i see Zizou going back to the 4-3-3 and starting the BBC with no hesitati...
3 days ago
Lol and i'm the deluded one
4 days ago
Doesn't that make it worse on suarez?
Oh yes.... wouldn't be a proper morning without my bacon and egg breakfast, lovely warm cup of french vanilla and reading through the latest conspiracy theories...
Uuhmm.... There's nothing he said there that's not still accurate lol
Bale out for the next 3 weeks with a grade 2 injury in his left calf.... he will miss both legs vs Atelti in the semi's. If this Welshman was a dog, we would h...
5 days ago
I dnt think we need to bench kroos.. but i do think we dont need the BBC and especially Bale. Zizou keeps insisting on it but this team is so much more than th...
@ Malik "You conveniently forgot four yellow cards for single player" ---------------------------------------------------------- "Madrid needing to sub a playe...
6 days ago
In that instance he was correct.. why take the shot and try to beat the keeper when its 2v1 and u can give someone else the tapin? It was just a poor ball from ...
Ramos was arguing with pique and seemed to be applauding him... he was saying that because barca talking in the ref's ear all game it got him sent off but he's...
Congrats fellas.. you NEEDED to leave the Bernabeu with the result and not for the first time, you did. Good Clasico
It was a usual Clasico in the Bernabeu.. * Madrid leading the league * penalties not given * wrong offsides given and not give * Madrid needing to sub a pla...
Though we've been the team to knock them out all 3 times in the last 3 seasons, i'm tired of Atelti lol The second leg will now be the last Madrid derby ever p...
1 week ago
"Atleti vs Madrid again" "how can you have the same draw 4 years in a row and tell me its not rigged" "the draw is rigged to favor Madrid" "the balls are heated...
TheChelsea you realize all of that happened AFTER this offside goal, right? smh
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