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Willian is definitively one of the best wingers in Europe....if you guys had seen that man play before he went to chelsea you would know.... Remember how Hul...
6 hours ago
@theo he has always played on the left... its interesting actually cause once Willian became the main attraction in Shakhtar he was given the liberty of lea...
16 hours ago
WIllian is a winger...always has been... since his time in corinthians
Get your ass back on. I will he on for another half an hour or so
Barca supporters been complaining about Atleti players goin out there and playing like animals.... thats nothing new to us... i used to hate that atelti would p...
I honestly think ronaldo is just tired.. so as the rest of the team...he already has more goals than most of the world's best attacking players will get for thi...
I don't mind that he's showing off or provoking opposition.... just waitin for madrid to put him back in his place :p
Neymar's been really cheeky when beating his opponents lately.... maybe we should do somethin about that >:D
1 day ago
Hope Carlo is watching.... its clear to see how easy it is to walk past atelti's defense when they are forced to have the ball.
"any other player lashes out like that i can guarantee they will serve at least a 3 game match" had it happened in a game like Almeria vs Granada or elche vs c...
2 days ago
Well... started off playing as a an attacking mid and winger.... i used to run a lot... was always a very fast dude... then futsal changed me completely... im...
3 days ago
I would welcome you back but im still upset for leaving me in the first place >:O
I didnt necessarily mean in the exact same way.. i just mean, imagine had he been in madrid since his 20s till his late tate 30s llike Raul
4 days ago
Well.. my PSN is shortyphilly..its the Crash Bandicoot profile pic.. anyone who wants can add me.. just please send me ur names in the message when u add so i c...
You know.. when i think about it... its a real shame ronaldo didnt begin his career in madrid... the mans now got 289 goals in 277 games ( might be 288 accordi...
In 2014 mandzukic used to murder me... in 2015 Ibrabo is a pest and Pogba scores the most outrageous goals from wherever the f**k he wants in like every matc...
Lol.... u amateurs have clearly never heard of Welliton... over 200 goals in less than 180 games... you can buy him for about 500 coins... its amazing.. man's ...
Glad he's coming back... madrid forum is always better when he's around
Ronaldo: 289 goals in 275 games since joining madrid in 2010... 206 goals in 184 la liga games.... 21goals in 28 cup matches, 57 goals in 57 Champions league ...
Sigh Franky ur still talking about one thing while im talking about another... im not defending ronaldo for what he did yesterday. anyways... its been a long di...
5 days ago
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