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1 day ago
Im sure everyone has noticed how excellent iker has been for a little while now...
Carlo doing Ronaldo's celebration lol https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=744647535680781&set=vb.338233632988842&type=2&theater
I think its quite obvious he's saying all he is saying cause he's at bayern.. he hasnt even been 5 months with bayern... im sure had he been in barca right no...
4 days ago
"Yes I do believe that Neuer was the best player in 2014, he revolutionized the gk position. Other gks have no chance to compete with him" what the hell has N...
6 days ago
Ronaldo didnt even need to have a good World cup...he had won the Balon D'or even before that to be honest... you make it sound as though his injury isn't worth...
@Bavaria... do you really think Neuer was the world's best player in 2014? seriously?
Lol It's Ribery part two... cant believe people are even considering this guy to win Balon D'or
Neuer had a dig at CR when asked about how Cristiano Ronaldo's image affects his chances of winning the Ballon d'Or. "I'm a sportsman, not an ambassador for a...
Toni f*****g Kroos!
1 week ago
So happy for him... a player i actually would have loved to keep at the club... he looks pretty damn good in that NT Uniform too lol https://38.media.tumblr.c...
Honestly, if a reporter said they saw the Easter Bunny in a locker room, a handful of people would actually believe it... there are a lot of people on the inter...
“Ferguson is obsessed with Real Madrid, he doesn’t like us very much. He said ‘no, Cristiano is going to leave but not to Real Madrid’. “They offered...
I think we can all agree James is a better defender than pique though...
2 weeks ago
So loving Toni... i knew he was gonna be a great signing.... and why am i the only one who thought his goal was f*cking AMAZING! normally you expect the ball to...
If ur style is performing beautifully then no, u can't perform badly...
^ yeah bu 10 years from now it wont matter how he did it... it will be remembered as the CL group stage record... period lol
United may not be in the champions league... but there's no need reminding that United are far better in this competition than city lol
Oh s**t lol.... Luiz adriano could actually break ronaldo's group stage record lol... the man has 8 goals.. all in the last two matches lol two more and he bre...
Not trolling and not trying to disrespect but you team looked goos without gerrard and balotelli... though im sure had you guys started sterling and coutinho, u...
DaGaza gave the Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid video a rating of 5
5 months ago
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