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Awesome when u realize all the goals we scored today were scored by Castilla players!
1 day ago
Lol,you won't give it up,will you? :P Ahh why not,who do I give my number to?
2 days ago
Bro! u reaady to come back to the whatsapp group? :D
Call me crazy but I truly and honestly believe Casemiro should have been in the shortlist of the Balon D'or.
3 days ago
Neuer nominated... again but no Bravo... no DeGea... No Navas.... No Oblak
"he was asking for offside when morata scores" L M A O u trying way too hard brethren
Well.. he is reaching his prime.. so he is only gonna improve... its important that we give him more minutes when he deserves it. and that we dont start benzema...
1 week ago
"Because he won basically everything but the CL. Several times over. And he made several players a ton better." Things that were guaranteed whether or not Guar...
4 weeks ago
Lets not exaggerate... it was 2 saves.. Pulisic and Guerrero.. both were basic saves shot directly at him.
1 month ago
Beyond horrible defending in the start of this season.. crazy poor Danilo lets pulisic run towards the INSIDE of him.... and then he falls down by himself, ope...
Typical Real Madrid. Are any of us surprised? I don't care about the performances, about who plays, who sits or who if forced out of position. All i care is...
Well.. all i can say about it is given how s**t FIFA16 was, im honestly considering going back to PES
AFG, cut the act, Dammit!
2 months ago
I agree with that Sanchez... i'd easily have pepe there over our own Gareth Bale
Enzo looked sooooooo muuuuuch liiiiiike Ziiizoouuuu omg
Yep... he has.. a smart loan out to a good side and league that can improve him and we will have an amazing striker belonging to us.
^ lol nah.... i think its more of a "i want people to feel sad for me" kinda thing..
Not a meaningless title at all to me.. supercup and club world cup are official titles added to our season.. we win them, we go from 1 title in 2016 to 3. WE MU...
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