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People should really stop saying things about carroll. I'm sure you can find those players but can you find one that is as young as him and is english?
6 years ago
Cause chelsea spent like city did a few seasons ago. THAT'S WHY~
People who put rubbish for chelsea obviously dont know soccer. they actually played well but unlucky to have lost
For not i really think he is among the best and most exciting italian players. no doubt he got bad attitude but he is without a doubt a great soccer player
Coates looks really good :)
Don't understand how those people got the heart to click on Liverpool playing like rubbish. Either they thought scoring goals and dominating the match means los...
Please make it clear that liverpool fans aren't aggressive towards their opponent, compared to the glory hunting man utd fans we are nth
And next season you will cry when you see john terry and david luiz crying on the sight of suarez and caroll
7 years ago
It is clear that you dont understand the stoppage time concept, stoppage time is the time that was wasted for injuries celebrations and arguments with refs, 8 m...
Some people are born to wear a certain jersey, and blue really don't fit you. :) Speaking from a neutral perspective.
Muller is a good player, will Munich sell him? Their future star? Another thing is, he is good but where will you play him? ST? RM? He is really neither.
It's not about having or not having faith in Suarez, I believe Dalglish have faith in the striker he threw 20mil++ for, it's just that the match is not suitable...
The 50mil price tag will still have to wait and see. However, I feel that he is now too injury prone. No doubt he will score goals when he play, the problem wou...
Lets hope this is true cause turan is a real talent. He have the abilities to succeed.
8 years ago
Anyone out there thinks Insua will be a great left back in the future? I personally feel he is fast and solid, reads play quite well for his tender age and got...
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