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So you want an empty trophy cabinet? Stan Kroenke is certainly a big money owner, by the way.
@Zenwhei you claim poverty in every post but fail to acknowledge this:
DEFENDtheBRIDGE nominated Mata (66') for Goal of the Week
DEFENDtheBRIDGE nominated I. Rakitić (63') for Goal of the Week
If only Chelsea had a striker that could score goals and provide for his teammates...
I would love it if Lukaku starts every game!
Liverpool did not get screwed. They took a gamble and lost. Valdes is under contract until 2014, that never changed. The only thing that changed was the fact th...
That wouldn't do either player any good. Courtois has played incredibly well with Atletico and deserves to start week-in/week-out for a good club.
5 years ago
Bathing in a tub full of tenners
Just give Lukaku a fair shake with the first team this summer. that's all im asking for.
Another gift wrapped point for united.
I can't stand Fox Soccer Report.
Chelsea at Wembley is not the same without Drogba. Cech was tremendous and did well to keep Chelsea in the match. Disgraceful tackle from Aguero and I have no ...
The man has scored 2 goals in his last 20 games for Chelsea. All "pressure" put on him is fully deserved when you consider how wasteful he's been throughout his...
Goal against Brentford was only to force a replay (aka an equalizer)
Can we all agree that Torres needs to score at least 4 more goals within the next couple of weeks before the whole "OMG TORRES IS BACK!!1!" thing again?
What a surprise....ANOTHER game where Chelsea concede! GOOD GRIEF this season has been frustrating as all hell.
In no circles can Galatasaray be considered favorites. Yes, they are certainly not "minnows" but when you realize that the likes of Barca, RM, PSG, Bayern (most...
I can count the amount of passes chelsea completed on one hand, I think.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Sure, he has all the makings of becoming a quality player for Chelsea but it was one game against a relatively poor Champ...
No you can have a choice. I've not cared for him in a Chelsea shirt since day one...everyone said "give him time" and when he scored the odd goal it was "Torres...
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