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I like him and always have. There's just been a group that want him out. I don't know where they've gone now that we've started to gel and haven't lost a game s...
5 years ago
Oh when the Spurs, Go marching in!!! It's been too long for this to come.
I don't know who will start and that's what I like about Villas Boas. He plays a squad based on the competition and not just poo poo Europa League like the prev...
Man, Ade is a swell chap.
6 years ago
That 2nd Cissé goal was out of this world. I have never seen an amazing goal like that one. World class striker that is a diamond in the rough found by Newcas...
Good draw today. I can see Wolves staying up if they can keep it up.
Wow! That is a shame that the game has come to such disgrace. Webb shouldn't even be allowed to officiate any games after this. Those were the weakest penalties...
This is an accident?! http://i41.tinypic.com/1417a86.jpg
You want to blame him for balotelli who should have been off for stomping on Parker's head? Get real. Now we will suffer on the table because of Webb's non-deci...
So far so good. a few more goals needed.
I don't see us going through tomorrow (hopefully, I'm wrong). PAOK only has to go for a draw and still be top of the table. We will know how seriously this comp...
Magneto, you want to get rid of Sandro?! That's crazy. Sandro is a good midfielder.
I agree about getting a point at least from that game.
Yeah, Ade definitely wasn't offsides. This game made me so upset. We should have at least gotten a point from this.
I officially hate Chris Foy as much as Clattenburg now. We got no calls this game. Blatant hand ball on the goal line to not give us the goal and Kabul was foul...
I can agree with posts 1 and 2, but Livermore is very versatile, and can play midfield or central defense. I've seen Carrol play and wasn't impressed at all. Li...
I don't think VDV is effective on the wing. He wasn't when he played there against Arsenal which caused the Ramsey goal because of the lack of defense on Song's...
Honestly, when I saw Gomes, I knew we were in for trouble with Bassong right in front of him. Bassong needs to go. He is a terrible defender and we can do much ...
Oxlade-Chamberlain looks like he has promise of being a great winger. He has the football knowledge that surpasses Walcott, even at his young age.
I don't know why, but I have a bad feeling about tonight's game. I know we're using reserves, but it would be nice to get out of the group stage to give more pl...
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