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Exactly! Stevie G
6 years ago
Coming from a liverpool fan The reason half of us (Not including myself) dont mind seeing city win is they have an advantagee over you the club you support is ...
BREAKING NEWS Man City lose because there was a chink in there defence :) haha
LFC winning aswell :)
Did you not see how he ripped manchester city apart at anfield last season? he was getting the righht serviece and so far hes been low on confidence, i say if g...
Why the f**k did spurs sell boateng? Easily one of the best midfielders in europe atm
Youll be waitin for a while lads, The match of the day wont be uploaded for a good while its only on round now :P
Totally agree, henderson on loan , carrol bench and Affelay Higuiain, A.Johnson, Tevez (loan) , hazard a winger and a striker to come in
Well done Michel Vorm....
Adams been the lynchpin while stevies been out you twat, and so has enrique, but your going to say this about them? lool, Look you idiot, Meireles left because ...
Not poor deciisions, poor performances, and dont look at there price tag look at there fuucking quality!!
At least carrol and henderson are young, downing is s**t, affelay to come in if we cant get hazard, and higiuan
Yeah complety agree with you mate, Just wrecks my head, Because on his own even torres was doing superb, then suarez even said torres told him to join LFC, but ...
I tihnk they look like blackpool , unexpected to do well under a good manager,
Hargreaves isnt a judas, Fergie let him go and i know for a fact you lot were only happy to have him go, Now he proved his fitness and has done well, Dont get s...
Your name has lost in it ? Nuff said , well we finished 4th one season before barely coming second with a weaker squad, Now were playing the traditional way wit...
Erm lad did you even watch the game? Suarez and kuyt nearly had a part in every fcking goal? tell you what stop complaining about suarez and tell berbaflop or n...
Nice one YNWA
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