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It's a little thing called greed
1 week ago
Liquidator pretty much summed it all up... All these cafeteria christians, muslims, hindus,... etc. So many choose to twist the words to excuse actions that a...
@SanchezAlexis Hold on a sec... Mind posting the links to all these school and other shootings done by Christians in the "name of Christianity?" PS: I am agno...
Lol he was the one who wanted to leave because of his GF/wife... Wonder how that relationship will turn out now :P
2 months ago
Aside from DDG, do they even have anyone RM wants?
Silva on loan...
3 months ago
Almost inane as Arsenal's keenness to sign Benzema...
I think you're forgetting the value of young Spanish blood for RM atm... Aside from Ramos and Carvajal, the rest won't be starting. Also the whole Casillas lea...
Some say that if DDG stays on at ManU, they might convince him to extend his contract... Realistically what are the odds of that?
Unless De Gea is secretly a striker, that does not make much sense...
Absolutely loving their fans' reactions :D Don't give a f... if we get him or not, but their bitterness is priceless :P
Barkley for Everton? Or was it a deflection...
^That's pretty much it... I didn't even care about getting De Gea before (Navas would be fine), but now... I want him just to piss off their fans :D
2 years ago
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