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Who cares if we deserved it or not - all that matters is we got the tropy... In a way it's kinda nice to win this way - knowing that Atletico hearts got shredd...
15 hours ago
Thanks - not a fan of your club, fans, SAF etc but good luck with Mou...
19 hours ago
I am not sure I can ever hate Ancelotti... The guy is too damn calm, and considering what he has done for us...
5 days ago
I think we have kept it civil so far LoL. @SIF If you're going to call me out on my use of the phrase "patient zero" at least be specific... Copy-pasting the ...
You seem to have taken it upon yourself to interpret my text... I did imply that Mourihno is a 'viral' character. He does have a tendency to instill certain typ...
6 days ago
"this statement makes absolutely no sense" Que? Are you actually going implying that Mourihno does not spread shite? *Copy pastes 1st google search hit for "pa...
So... According to a certain group of 'people,' we (RM) are the 'Virus' But guess who went and hired patient zero himself (i.e. Mourinho) Can't wait to hear the...
1 week ago
So atletico is out then
3 weeks ago
They still believe Simeone is managing an underdog team (PS: he isn't) - i imagine if he ended up at somewhere like Chelsea - it would be an entirely different ...
^ dat dere salt...
That's what happens when you're still considered to be an "underdog." Most people are willing to give you more leeway with antics as long as you keep beating bi...
1 month ago
Doesn't that list confirm their claim? Since he (apparently) only scores against small teams...
Physically abusing players? how is that even possible? he weighs like a 100 lbs...
EPL forum used to be a lot worse when I first joined 5 years ago... Seems to be a lot less activity and a lot less drama
You don't even need equal numbers... Barca has 50% more fans than RM atm. Throw in 10000 more City fans and watch the drama unfold. You only need a handful of...
"To be honest the fan relations here are 20 times better than real - barca." Maybe that's because there are 20 times less City fans than Utd fans on here...
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A sport where 100s of millions at stake... honestly believe most of them are not on any PEDs?
4 months ago
2 years ago
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