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What's the point of comparing Benzema and Falcao... they are not the same type of strikers. I still think Falcao is (more like was) better though...
2 weeks ago
Marco polo is alright... the dialogue is not good though; they keep using modern phrases for some reason
1 month ago
Go Villareal. 7 pts clear of Atletico.
Who honestly thinks Chelsea would sell Courtois to Barca? De Gea played for Atletico... Doubt he would even want to play at RM.
I thought we are talking about the present... But oh well. Mou did what he had to do back then - there was absolutely no reason to play into the hands of the o...
^ Nope. @SanchezA "Then how come Madrid don't park the bus against us? How come Rayo Vallecano park the bus against us? Most of the times Valencia come out and...
^ The 'f' word lmao
... Why would RM need to park the bus against Barca?
2 of 3 Spanish teams? Atletico...
What difference does it make... You need someone who can actually score a penalty.
Clearly not a dive... Since when does Neymar dive?
2 months ago
"I don't hate him. His fan boys make me hate him." Ironic... Coming from one of the biggest Messi fan boys on this site.
^Correction 7 World Cup Matches + NO WC trophy > The whole season
Better off comparing Suarez vs Ferguson...
Has Ozil really excelled at Arsenal yet though...?
Since CR7 is being judged on the final game he played in last season's CL... Should we not judge Neuer on the final game he played in last season's CL?
@Asasiyun Having lived in the middle for nearly a decade, Saudi definitely does have human rights problems... Not certain about Bahrain (won't be surprised if t...
1 year ago
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