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Typical But I prefer Atletico be in the UCL as long as possible... Their squad depth is not great and will eventually burn them out - in the League as well.
1 day ago
It's "anti-football" bro. Surely you know that...
1 week ago
@ Arsenal?
3 weeks ago
What's the point of comparing Benzema and Falcao... they are not the same type of strikers. I still think Falcao is (more like was) better though...
1 month ago
Marco polo is alright... the dialogue is not good though; they keep using modern phrases for some reason
Go Villareal. 7 pts clear of Atletico.
2 months ago
Who honestly thinks Chelsea would sell Courtois to Barca? De Gea played for Atletico... Doubt he would even want to play at RM.
I thought we are talking about the present... But oh well. Mou did what he had to do back then - there was absolutely no reason to play into the hands of the o...
^ Nope. @SanchezA "Then how come Madrid don't park the bus against us? How come Rayo Vallecano park the bus against us? Most of the times Valencia come out and...
^ The 'f' word lmao
... Why would RM need to park the bus against Barca?
2 of 3 Spanish teams? Atletico...
What difference does it make... You need someone who can actually score a penalty.
Clearly not a dive... Since when does Neymar dive?
"I don't hate him. His fan boys make me hate him." Ironic... Coming from one of the biggest Messi fan boys on this site.
^Correction 7 World Cup Matches + NO WC trophy > The whole season
Better off comparing Suarez vs Ferguson...
3 months ago
Has Ozil really excelled at Arsenal yet though...?
1 year ago
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