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Great commentary, lots of insights and reflections. Please share more.
Bandwaggoning galore
Anything but crushed... What game were you watching?
I don't know why Mourinho started Coentrao, maybe he wants to rest Marcelo for El Clasico but that wouldn't make sense according to what they hava all been sayi...
Ribery did dive, more than once too! Dove in the box looking for a penalty and should have been booked for it to avoid more dives, but that didn't happen. I lik...
Bullshitlona at it again
Jmakowiak You were on a roll with your comment until you mentioned the Madrid part, it just makes you sound stupid. Hating on Barcelona is a part of being a Mad...
ROBINHO! What a miss :(. Performance of a lifetime for Antonini, much respect to him and his dedicated effort to nullify a great Barcelona side. It sickens me t...
As soon as Marcelo and Kaka set foot on the pitch the game changed completely. Apoel played a great match too, so congratulations to them, they kept me on my to...
I love that Torres is getting back in the game, getting assists and building up his confidence. Now he just needs to start scoring!
Raul es leyenda! The best.
Sergio Ramos, best central defender in the world? Hell yes! Hala Madrid!
Great for Mirandes and their wonderful performances against top notch teams
Tello is unbelievably good. He is so confident and skilled for such a young and inexperienced (in first division at least) player. I'm glad Spain has a bright f...
Somebody loves Messi :P. Neymar though, what a crack!
Savic is horrible. Couldn't Man City, with all their millions, purchase a better defender?
I'm very excited to see yet another Clásico. Hopefully it is a good game and neither refereeing nor foul play are protagonists :D. Hala Madrid!
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