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Kaka's flat butt
Underwear that doesn't strangle my tiny balls.
Amateur (Mostly on the Bench) Fake Madrid
I left Manchester United at the height of their prime and global appeal to go play for Real Madrid. Now no one cares about me because my team sucks.
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Too bad. Now all you cirlce-jurking man utd fans can go back in your hole until mid-August when a new season starts because United ain't winning no silverware t...
8 years ago
Ronaldo sucks so much compared to Messi.
Norwich City fans are so dedicated they even fill Old Trafford while playing in league one.
Bolton wins 2-1
Top 5 best fanbases in England 1. Newcastle United 2. Leeds United 3. Derby County 4. Norwich City 5. Nottingham Forest
Top 5 fans in Italy 1. Napoli 2. Fiorentina 3. Bari 4. Roma 5. Triestina
Wesley Schneider > Ronaldo at free kicks.
Now we now why all the players want to play in Spain. When you can score goals that easily, you can make millions.
The Spanish league is terribly bad. If a team like my Madrid could score at will but can't do jack in the Champions League, it goes to show how bad this Spanish...
It's not the players fault for the penalty kick, it's the terrible refs that pollute this game.
No defence, woohoo. We score forever in this league. Premier league much harder to get magnificent goal.
I hope Juve isn't throwing games again.
Fulham have the quietest fans I've ever seen. The place was full, but it was dead quiet. The fans suck. The players deserve better fans than that. Just like tho...
Italian teams are better. Pro Vercelli has more league titles than Chelsea for pete's sake.
Italian teams are better than English teams. Only reason Milan lost to Man United was because Beckham couldn't play because he took too much viagra the night be...
I wish Messi would creep into my window one night.
Maybe they should take some hair off the chest of Giggs and put it on Rooney's head. I don't have hair on my body. I wax.
Get outta here you bandwagon Man United fans.
Is this website a premier league circle jerk or something? If so, I want in.
Wenger, come to Madrid. Our locker room smells like roses and melted cheese. You'll see what I mean when you get here.
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